Ms.D was afraid as if she had seen a real-life ghost. Ms.D came out of the pilots room.

”Ms.D, how much time will it take to reach Paris? ”, asked Fen in a polite tone.

” Yes Ms. D its been a very long time since we started our journey and get into the plane. ”, said Nora.

Ms.D began to cry and her tears fell onto the plane floor she was ashamed to be a captain of a girl crew.

Kim went near her and asked, ” Ms.D whats the matter what was the pilot saying? ”. Ms.D did not answer and just pointed toward the pilots room.

Kim went into the pilots room and saw that the pilot was dead. She came out of the pilots room and had no words to describe the current situation and what to say to her fellows who were anxiously waiting for their reply.

” Kim, it seems that you also become speechless after going into the pilots room. Let me see whats in there! ”, said Chloe. This time Chloe enters the pilots room and she is also speechless just like Kim and Ms.D.

” Why you all are so quiet ? ” asked Jessy, a little confused, not knowing what was happening.

” The pilot is dead ”, said Kim in a deep voice.

” Thats just because of me. I should not bring you on this trip. Everything is finished. The terrible and dangerous powers of Mount Beggdar attracted us to itself ”, said Ms. D.

” Wait! What is mount Beggdar? ”, asked Lee.

”Mount Beggdar is located on the northern side of the travel route from Korea to Paris, France. The mountain is also known as the cursed mountain.

People from old times like at the time of the stone age thought that the mountain has mystical and strong powers that can be dangerous to ordinary human beings. ”, said Fen.

” How do you know that? ”, asked Jessy

” Because my grandparents used to tell stories about it when was five to six years old ”, answered Fen.

”As well as the powers can also cause much destruction on planet earth. The mountain was cursed because of an emperor that ruled the Beggdar empire near that mountain. He made people his slave and if someone disobeys him, the cruel emperor just kills him and leaves his body on the mountain. ”, described Fen.

” What happened to the emperor then? ”, asked Lee in fear full voice.

” No one knows what happened exactly because most people said that the souls of slaves kill him or nature was angry with him so he may be killed by the nature. ”, answered Fen.

” And now I think we are the next to die in that mountain just because of mystical forces ”, said Nora

There was again a sudden bump in the plane and it seemed that the plane was being tilted. All of them slipped on the right side.

” I think that the plane is going to land ”, said Kim.

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