On Mythical Abode Mountain, Clouds End Cliff was the deadliest of the Four Deadly Regions on Azure Cloud Continent. Clouds End Cliff was often called the Death Gods Graveyard. During the countless years, people who have fallen off this cliff was too many to count; none-had survived, including three peak experts with overwhelming might akin to the Heavenly Kings themselves.

At this moment, on the edge of this cliff, a black-haired black-eyed youth leaned on the side of a rock that measured two people in height. There was blood everywhere on top of his black clothing with many open wounds on his person. He was on the rock for just a few breaths worth of time yet a pool of blood was already beneath his feet.

His chest heaved and it could be said that the pace at which he breathed was heavy enough to cause fear in a person. On his entire body, every one of his muscles trembled slightly indicating his exhaustion and loss of strength. If it were not for this giant rock, he probably would not even be able to stand on his own. However, both of his eyes were cold and calm like two cold blades, shining with the ferocity of wolves. The edge of his mouth sneered with extreme disdain.

In front of him stood a dark crowd of people that blocked all his escape routes.

”Yun Che, You
e cornered! If you obey us and hand over the Sky Poison Pearl, perhaps we may allow you to live! ”

”Today we
e going to enforce justice on behalf of heaven to get rid of this scourge! If you hurry up and quickly surrender the Sky Poison Pearl, we can let you die a happy death or you will taste the pain of a thousand blades in your heart. ”

”Yun Che! Stop being so stubborn, your only way out is to hand over the Sky Poison Pearl! You
e unworthy of such a holy object. ”

Waves of roars came from the crowd, with everyone there shouting words like justice and righteousness. If anyone from the Azure Cloud Continent passed by, they would be stunned by this scene. This dark crowd of people consisted of the strongest clans of the Azure Cloud Continent. The leaders of the clans were all present, and even some of the forgotten old members were there as well. It was not too far-fetched to say that if one pick anyone out from this crowd, he would be someone that can shake any region.

Now, they were all gathered for this youth who had been pushed to the edge of this cliff. Specifically, for the Sky Poison Pearl in his hand—the number one holy object of Azure Cloud Continent.

While slowly approaching, the crowd shouted with threatening menace. When the Sky Poison Pearl finally showed up again, they were faced with this irresistible treasure once more. After hunting for three full days, they could not wait to harvest the fruits of their labor.

”You guys… want this… Sky Poison Pearl? ”

Yun Che laughed coldly. As he slowly raised his right hand, a jade green ball with a dim radiance appeared in his hand. The moment this pearl glowed, everyone stopped in their tracks. Staring tightly at the green pearl, their eyes shone with greed.

To Yun Che, these people who were strong enough to scare the world looked filthy and sly. He slowly raised his eyes. Although cornered, his pupils shone with arrogance and mockery. Clear hatred was deep in his eyes. ”My master spent his life trying to save the world; he saved countless people seeking neither benefit nor fame but because of this Sky Poison Pearl, you guys from the so-called righteous sects killed my master seven years ago. ”

”I hate… hate myself for being so useless. That I didn finish all of you dog shit righteous sects off in these seven years! ”

Every word of his contained deep-seated hatred. Although it had been seven years, just thinking about the death of his master still made bloody tears stream down the edge of his eyes.

Yun Che did not know who his parents were for when his master found him,

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