Jason devland is the son of a talented A rank awakener but his talent is rock bottom so he got never got praise by his father so thats why he really like if someone praise him so the people around him started take advantage of this and praised him on everything and he is using his father influence to scared people.

after a while one of his lackeys whispered in his ear to stop.

Jason then pretend to cough ”ehem. so what do you say nova want to become my friend?. ”

i didn give an answer right away and thought about my for awhile.

should i follow the novel storyline so theres no new butterfly effect thats going to happen but even if i still follow the novel storyline there are already some other stuff that didn happen in the novel so it would be a waste of time. after thinking for a while i finally give him an answer.

i look at him and smile and said ”Im sorry but i have to refuse. ”

”hahaha of course yo-. ” he stop mid sentence. ”say what!? ”

”I said I refuse. ”

his face turn slightly red and he then shouted ”you.. you… do you have any ideas what great opportunity this is! ”

”what great opportunity can i get by being friends with you? ”

veins started popping in his forehead ”I AN THE FIRST SON KF THE DEVLAND FAMILY! ”

the cadets inside the room and started whispering.

”and Im the heir of the arrow guild a platinum rank guild so you should be great full to me being friends with a you. ”

i scoff ”with your talent you will never be the heir of the guild it will be more likely be one of your brothers. ”

he gritted his teeth. he look like he was about to explode. he then gather mana on his hand and raised his hand to punch me.

when he was about to puch me we heard a female voice

”whats is happening! ”

i turn my head and saw iris blakewell.

iris who just got here look at Jason who have mana in his hand.

”do you know its against the rule to start a fight. ”

when Jason heard this he release the mana in his hand and go back to his seat and his lackeys follow behind him.

iris came closer to me and ask.

”are you ok? ”

iris blakewell the only child of a diamond rank guild she look like a fairy with a long black hair and black eyes.

”hello. ”

i got startled by her voice

”i said are you ok? ”

”yes? ah yes Im ok. ”

”good .report them to the instructor so they won bother you anymore. ” after saying that she then left and sit back on her seat

after a while the instructor came in ”attention cadets its time to chose your weapon so follow me to the training grounds. ”

and then all the students stand up and follow behind the instructor.

we then arrived in the training halls.

i then heard aku voice

why is this place so huge

i look around but I still can see aku.

stop looking around you will look stupid.

and then the instructor shouted ”now its time to chose your weapon and if have any questions raised your hand. ”

a cadet raise his hand ”sir can we take more then one? ”

”no. the academy will only provide one weapon per cadets. but if you desire to have one more you have to pay for the second one. ”

and another cadet raised her hand ”sir what will happen if our weapon got destroy. ”

”the academy will give you a new one if your weapon got destroy in a academy activity

if you lost or you intentionally destroy it the academy will not be able to give you a new weapon in a few weeks. ”

after awhile Q&A finish

”anymore question? ” the instructor look around ”good. now go and chose your weapon. ”

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