don’t die as an extra

Entrance ceremony

”wait you want to follow me to a human city? ”

”yes. ”

this is surprising a divine beast willing to go to the city. what message did he received that make him want to follow me.

”but what if someone find out? ”

”don worry it won happen my transformation skill is flawless except if someone check my status but the chances of thats happening is low so Im not going to get caught. ”

”A- ah of course. ”

why does he really wants to follow me?

hmmm… i feel like Im forgetting the reason why I am here.

ah! the book art I forgot the book art.

”hey do you remember where you found me ”

”of course i remember it just out side that door. ”

he pointed his head

i stand up and walk outside the door and saw the giant magic circle.

I came closer and see a chest in the middle. i opened the chest and saw two book and a black necklace.

why is there a three item inside. i don remember the novel says about another book and a necklace.

haaa another change in the novel

i open the status window to check the two book.

[name: dark void swordmanship

type: art

rank: S

a swordmanship made in the apocalypse by one of the 10 heroes. its a swordmanship that focus on offense and defense.]

[name: Shadow storage

type: Skill

rank: A+

this skill allows the user to store item inside the user shadow. the space of the storage is depended on the user rank. no mana required to use skill.]

after reading it I picked up both of the books and used it.

after using it i look at my status.

[nova Armstrong

Rank – F+

Strength – F

Agility – E-

Defence – F

Stamina – E-

Dexterity – F+

magic – E+

mana nature:

wind – F+

darkness – E-

??? – F+


King of darkness – (S)

As the king of darkness you can control darkness more easily. and all darkness skill in your possession will rank up by 1

??? – (?)



shodow dagger – (D)

made by assassin who use darkness to fight

[Art skill:

Shadow blend

Shadow dagger]

dark void swordmanship – (S)

a swordmanship made in the apocalypse by one of the 10 heroes. its a swordmanship that focus on offense and defense.


Wind step – (C)

you can move mid air

shadow clone – (C-)

you can make one clone but its one rank weaker than you and have low defense

Shadow storage – (A+)

this is a skill allows the user to store item inside the user shadow. the space of the storage is depended on the user rank. no mana required to use

??? – (?)


oh i rank up and now Im rank F+. i still don get it whats the question mark for.

now lets try my new skill

i activate the skill and then my shadow release some faint black smoke. i take out my dagger and drop it inside my shadow. and then the dagger went inside my shadow after that i put my hand in the shadow and then take out my dagger.

his skill is really useful now i can store stuff in my shadow. and i don need to use mana.

i then try to use my art. from the instruction void sphere is the easiest to use

i open the palm of my hand and release my mana.

my mana slowly make a black sphere but the size of he sphere is the size of my Pinkie finger

”what!? why is it so small? ”

at that moment i hear a man voice

”your will not able to use it. you have just learn the art. ”

i look towards it and saw the divine beast he was walking closer. he then continues talking

”your body and mana is still adjusting to the art. you need to wait for a day or two for your body and mana to adjust. ”

so this is different too. in the novel the protagonist will just instantly use a art he just learn.

”so i will need to wait for a day to properly use it. ”

”yes. ”

the divine beast answer right away

haaa… i was looking forward to trying it.

i then look at the necklace and then i open the status window


type: accessories

rank: ?

the necklace is still unusable. you need to fulfill the requirements to use the necklace

another question mark and whats the requirements? i will just figure things out when Im home.

i put the necklace into my shadow.

i stand up and said

”hey mr.divine beast Im leaving now will you still coming with me. ”

”of course Im going. ”

”ok let go. ”

i pack all my things and left the cave together with the divine beast.

while walking toward the exit i ask the divine beast.

”is it ok for me to talk to you informally? ”

”it fine if its you. ”

”why is it ok if its me? ”

”because you have a divine blessing we divine beast don talk formally to a being that received a blessing. ”

”ah i understand. ”

hats why he didn get angry at me for talking informally. ”

after that we arrived at the exit of the cave

the divine beast spoke

”hey get on top of me it will be faster if i ran. ”

i get to on its back and hold its fur to not fall

”hold on tight. ”

he then run towards the gate

”AHHH…!!! ”

i bend down to not get push away by the air.


after 10 minutes we arrived. we decided to stop and walk 5 minutes away to the gate to not scared the guard by seeing a giant black panther

”ok we
e here get down. ”

i got down on hes back

”back away a little Im gonna transform. ”

i move 5 step away from him and after that he started glowing and then he slowly grow smaller until he is the size of a cat.

”now we can go inside. ”

i hesitate to speak

”ummm… you need to get inside here. ”

i took out my bag and open it

”wait what do you mean? ”

he ask

”they will be suspicious if i came back with a cat so i need to hide you inside the bag so they won be suspicious of me. ”

”haaa but this is will be the last time Im doing this. ”

he sigh but he still agree.

he then get inside the bag. after that i close the bag but left a small space open so he can see outside.

i then walk towards the gate. i then reach the gate and then see two people guarding the gate and there is a small line of people lining up in the gate.

i moved in the back of the line. the line is slowly moving forward and after waiting for 3 minutes it was then my turn.

”your ID please. ” the guard ask

i then show my id to the guard.

they check it for a while and then they let me in.

after that i then walk to a alley and put down my bag. and then the divine beast jump out the bag.

”so this is a human city. its different from what i remember. ”

i put my bag in my inventory and then carry the divine beast.

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