7:45:59 AM…

Walking through the stairs, everything looks blurry and odd. Seeing a figure lying in a pool of blood, he ran towards her and tried to save her. All of a sudden, he spotted two heavy goons right in front of him pointing a gun, cackling in such a mischievous way. Immediately ,two loud bangs were heard, which jolted Kcee from his sleep with a fearful look.

He was sweating profusely and panting at the same time. Kcee looked a bit scared and at the same time confused with his eyebrows furrowed together. Still thinking about what nightmare he had, he couldn due to the noise that came out of his phone. An alarm

He leaped and tapped the stop icon and realized the time was 7:50 which means time for work… He also found out that he had missed some calls and messages. Messages like ”call me back ” ”its very urgent ”

Tossing his phone on his table, Kcee walked out of his bed and moved straight to the bathroom to clean up. He stared at his mirror seeing a confused, frustrating, and depressed man. He looked like someone who just lost someone Very dear to him

After taking his bath, he tried on some nice shirts and trousers. He then spotted his jacket which has an NIA inscription on the back lying on his hanger…

7:59:59 AM

After taking his jacket, kcee walked out of his mini flat and headed for his BMW vehicle parked at the eastern part of the compound. He opened the drivers seat, tosses his black bag to the seat beside him, and then slammed the door…..




The following takes place between 8 Am and 10AM… Events occur in real-time

Time: 08:05:15

Lagos… Lagos is a major african financial center and is the economic hub of lagos state and nigeria at large. The megacity has the fourth-highest GDP in africa and houses one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

A BMW vehicle skids through palm groove road projecting straight down to maryland. Suddenly there appeared to be a slow movement of vehicles due to a traffic light that turned red. Left and right could be seen filled with buildings; companies and billboards showing advertisements for things like pepsi; babys Diaper; artists advertising their concerts and the rest. People also could be seen walking along both sides of the road; some selling items to those in traffic and the rest… Still, inside his car, Kcee draws out his phone to make a call to a government agency building located in the capital of lagos.

After series of buzzing, it went through. ”Orlando Daniels on the line ” From the other end, Kate cried out even though she had some ruminants of food in her mouth

”Hey Kate, its kcee ” kcee calmly responded with a serious expression. His eyes scanned his environment from his car.

”Hey, kcee! I was about to call you. We got good news. Headquarters just sent in details of a prime suspect regarding the shoprite attack ” Kate said still chewing but this time lightly

”Well great! Good. Fantastic! This means we
e one step ahead. What do we have? ” Kcee asked as he held his phone with his right hand and the steering with the other

”I think you might wanna have a look yourself ” Approaching her station, Kate said as she further inputted her login code to have an access to her system wall

”Okay send it ” Kcee replied as he tapped a button in the jeep and an object inform of a mini tv shows up. Then he later connected a USB chord to his phone and mini tv

”Sending it now. ” Kate said as she clicked on her system and finally tapped the enter button

Kate Orlando Daniels originally Kate Orlando is a Nigerian born in the city of Las Vegas, America… Shes a big-time data analyst who works for the national intelligence agency for at least 16 years. Working as a data analyst she became the best in her department earning medals from both NIA and the Nigerian government for fighting against crime committed by bandits and terrorists. Shes married to a Nigeria Medical doctor named John E. Daniels

”Got it ” kcee said a

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