es made a quick gaze at a small frame standing on his table. His lips parted into a wide smile as he took it staring at the picture of debby. According to the picture, body shape and the charisma she posed, she looked some what matured, like 21 – 22 of age. Light skin, attractive face and a blonde hair was all debby needed to attract hundreds of men to herself

Mr Lukmans once again was brought out of his train of thought by Kate who coughed out loud, definitely he had forgotten Kate was in his office

”Oh good God Kate, im very sorry. I definitely forgot about your presence. have your seat ” He said streching his left hand towards the seat right in front of him while the other hand, he used to drop the frame back on his table

”Its okay, seeing you stare at the frame, your mind appears to be some where else ” Kate observed while having a sit. before he could utter a statement, Kate asked ”that was debby right ”

”Yeah, infact today is her birthday ” Johnny said as he touched his face to feel if he had some drop of sweat. He then realized the air conditioner was working perfectly

”Yea I know; I actually called her this morning ” Kate said

”You know, what beats me ” he continued ”is that debby is not happy with me ” he added as he interlocked his fingers which he placed on the table

Kates eyebrows furrowed together at his words, she decided to ask ”not happy with you, why? ”

Taking off his glasses slowly, he adjusted his position as someone who wants to lecture. Kate on the other hand puts on an attentive look as she leaned forward. Johnny coughed then uttered

”Ever since Clara died, it has been really hard for debby and i, being the only family she got, today which apparently is her birthday, we are suppose to be together, have fun which Ill never miss but here i am working on some stupid case and all director salaam could do is to threaten me with my job ” he sighed then continued ”i just don know what to do ” Mr. Lukman said as he shook his head in fustration. His hands placed on his head and his eyes closed together didn make him notice Kate who stared at him for some seconds

”Im sorry if I sound odd but sir you don have to say that… Yea I know its been hard for you, for Debby but thats the reason why you
e in this position, to learn how to face challenges even if it comes with a price. I know this past few weeks has been like tough but put in the back of your mind that very soon it will be over ”

Raising his head slowly, he muttered loudly in form of a question ”it will be over ”

”Yeah ” Kate answered with a smile ”most of the time I get discourage or depressed that its not working, no solution… but do you know what? I always snap out of that thought when I remember those who we are serving. For our country, loved ones and guess what? therell always be a solution and as for debby, I know shell be proud to have a serving father like you ” she ended with a smile on her face

”Kate ” Mr Lukman called as he gazed at her, he nodded with disbelief at how some one like kate could advise him ”I um… ” he paused thinking of what to say ”Thank you. with what youve said, i feel a bit relieved and maybe even when this crises is over, Ill find time and go surprise her ” Mr. Lukman said this time with a smile on his face. He felt quite relieved at Kates advise.

”So away from that what do we have ” remembering earlier she came in with a file, he quickly changed the topic

”Yea… During our investigation ” she started ”we found out that most of the bullet the armed men used during their attack were the V-crown jacketed hollowed point bullets used only in this kind of weapon ” Kate replied as she raised the file she placed on her laps and handed it over to Mr Lukman

He took the file, viewing the contents. He then caught sight of the weapon Kate was talking about.

With his brows raised he exclaimed ”Thats the Sig Sauer Weapon ”

Kate nodded in affirmation ”yes sir ”

”oh my God ” he muttered silently before lowering his head

”Luckily for us; we got to know that those weapon were just shipped into a warehouse here in Lagos. Headquarter sent us details of an assumed suspect. A man named Ahmed Danladi ” She stated as she took another file from her laps but this time, brought out the details of the suspect printed on a white paper presenting it to him

”Who Appears to be a cover arm dealer is assumed to supplied weapons or even operated the attack on Shoprite ” Kate added

”Do we have a location on him now ” Lukman asked still staring at the file

”Yeah, um i just uh wanted to inform you that Kcee and the team are minutes away from the location and also i wanted to know if youll would like to view the operation ” Kate replied with her hands placed on her laps. she silently tapped her lap while waiting for an answer from Mr. Lukman

”Well um ” he chuckled before he continued ” this is fantastic, good job, good job ” he repeated as he closed the file placing it on a bunch of files on his table

”you head downstairs alright, start the processing and um ill also like to address every one… get that ” he added

”yes sir ” She replied as she stood up and was about leaving when she was stopped by Mr. Lukmans voice ”And one more thing Kate… Good work ”

”Thank you Mr. Lukman ” She smiley replied as she head out of the building pushing the glass door open and walking down the stairs while Mr Lukman looked happy as he beamed with smile that everything is working out perfectly…

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