Crime Scene 2

Time: 8:56:44

Location: radiography warehouse – Plot 32 Yaba;

Even though the tall huge walls barricaded the entire warehouse, the outside appears to be guarded with at least 5 armed men and speaking of armed men, they had on their hands real suffisticated weapons. One placed at the gate with a rifle gun, two others at the entrance of the industrial large gate that leads to the inside of the warehouse and the last two men were ordered to patrol the compound, meaning they
e to walk to and fro, observing suspicious movement.

Inside the warehouse, many dangerous weapon could be listed lying either inside woodden boxes or lying on an object. Weapons like axe, knives, daggers, grenades, pistols, bolt and lever action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, revolvers, shortguns, both ak 47 and 49, Snipers and most of all – sets of Bazooka.

Not just that, guys who by appearance look like religious men due to either the black spot on their head, their long beard and also their wears are also spotted to have at their disposal different type of guns, some other set also work under the tech and science which clearly states that the warehouse is kind of big to contain dangerous activities.

Afar off, Ahmed Danladi is seen in a dark room speaking to someone over the phone in hausa language. He appears to be wearing an all round white wear, white shirt, trousers, shoe and his tiny small cap.

After some minutes, he ended his phone call and walked out of the room, he looked around with a stern face before heading towards the experiment room. Opening the door he spotted one of his men holding a rifle gun staring solely at a chinese man who by appearance looked battered. His name is ixuan Li and clearly he is from chinese. He arrived nigeria some weeks ago for a meeting with one of the best laboratory in lagos. On the day of his meeting, he was kidnapped by ahmeds men and was brought down to the warehouse. Due to his unwillingness to comply to the needs and demand of ahmed, he was totured to the extent of loosing his pinky finger, which was amputated using a plier.

The Chinese scientist on the other hand made a fixed gaze at his experiment even with his battered body and bruises on his face. Taking out a spatula, he filled it with little white powder dipping it into a beaker full of solution. he slowly observed the reaction not until he spotted ahmed staring at him

”How many minute before the virus is ready ” Ahmed asked the Chinese scientist with a pointed brow. His voice jolted Zixuan who bent a little, up to his feet.

Turning around slowly to face ahmed fearsome face, his voice trembled in reply ”Due to the chemical reactions they undergo and the catalyst I used, it would some take long minute to get a successful result ” but in return ahmed yelled slamming his hand on the table which also gripped the terrorist, who shook together with his rifle gun.

”I asked you a question and not some tutorials. Now tell how many minute ” The scientist grips at ahmeds voice before uttering ”Roughly 20minutes ”

”Make it 15; Dando is impatient. He needs his package as soon as possible ” Ahmed ordered the scientist who nodded in reply as he continued his experiment. Ahmed looked at him spitefully with his lips pressed together for sometime before grabbing his shirt to his face.

”If you ever, i mean ever think of tampering with the virus ” he paused staring at the zixuan who widened his eyes in fear. ahmeds vein appeared to be throbbing real hard on his neck. he then threatened but this time in hausa language ”na rantse da Allah zan kashe ka (I swear to God i will kill you) ”

”I swear I won do anything to it. I swear, believe me pls; don kill me, I have a daughter, pls ” The scientist pleaded in fear, shaking real hard while Ahmed looked at him for seconds before throwing him to the ground.

Ahmed adjusted his rumpled wear before walking out of the room. He moved towards his son who just completed making the explosive device.

”baba bam ya shirya (Father the bomb is ready) ” Alazam said as he turned away from the mini size explosive he just made towards his father. Ahmed widened his face with smile before lowering his mouth towards alazam placing a kiss on his forehead.

He then ordered him still in hausa language ”kyakkyawan farawa shiryawa; zamu bar wannan wurin a cikin mintuna 20 masu zuwa (Good start packing; we
e leaving this place in the 20 minutes) ”

”eh baba (Yes father ”) Alazam nodded with a smile before turning to the other terrorist inside the warehouse ”everyone start packing; we
e leaving this place in the next 20 minutes, Mosta mosta mosta: move move move ” Alazam yelled clapping his hands together and at that, they all swinged into action.


Time: 9:10:33 AM

Location: Outside radiography warehouse

Looking afar; A BMW vehicle speeds through yaba; halting at a police check to point which appears to be the 4 block perimeter. opening his door, kcee took out his bag which contains his weapon and hanged it on his neck. He jumped off his car and walked towards the police check point. A police officer dressed on a black police uniform together with his cap is also seen approaching him.

”You must be agent jones ” the police man said while stretching his right hand for an handshake.

”Yeah, nice to meet you officer emeka ” kcee got his name due to a badge placed on his left top corner of his wear revealing his name. he received the handshake with a smile on his face.

After the greetings, officer emeka led the way towards the police vehicle and his other officers. ”Im the officer in charge here and Ive been updated about the situation ” he started.

”Any suspicious movement ” kcee asked with his eyes fisted on the warehouse some blocks away.

”As at the time we were radioed, no! but we spotted two security camera at those angle ” officer emeka pointed towards the warehouse. The 4 block perimeter was set in such a way that even with the security cameras, Ahmed couldn see them but kcee and the other police men could see some part of the building.

Kcee took out his mini telescope from his black bag to have a clearer view of the cameras, after that he took out his phone dialling Kates number, immediately it went though.

”Orlando Daniels ” Kate called out. Calling out names or surnames is a method used by agents whenever their on important phone calls.

”hey Kate, its me kcee, we have a problem ” kcee replied with his right hand making the call while the other placed on the telescope.

”whats is it? ” kate asked with a narrow face. She immediately stopped what she was typing.

”I just spotted two security cameras at the front and the side building ” kcee replied immediately

”okay let me check ” Kate said as she pulled up a new site on her system, moving very fast in the way she clicked the keyboard. She opened the location of the warehouse using the drone cover, she spotted 5 armed men outside the warehouse.

”uhh kcee ” she called ”not just the security cameras but it appears ahmeds security is a bit tight ” Kate added biting her lips slowly.

raising his brows, he asked ”what do you mean ”

”right inside the compound, there appears to be 5 armed men and using the heat signature ” Kim said clicking her system very fast ”we got close to 40 people scattered across the warehouse ” she added as she counted the objects in form of human with her eyes in a very fast way. using the heat signature, it made the screen of the system turn yellowish red revealing the people inside but not with their faces.

”copy ” kcee answered with a frown, he sighed then continued ”but is there anyway you could disable those cameras ” he asked as he viewed the building with his telescope again.

”Yeah sure, i could if only theres a way to cut the power but instead i could just disable it for thirty seconds then you go cut their power off ” Kate replied with her hands placed on her earpod which was strapped on her ear.

Kcee walking away from the perimeter towards his vehicle said ”Good, make that fast and beside wheres James ” he asked checking his watch.

”He should be there by now ” Kate replied also checking her watch

At that, two cream nissan vehicle skids through the streets, pulling in front of Kcee.

”They just got here ” kcee informed as he instantly ended the call without even looking at it. sliding his phone into his pocket, he walked towards the agents who just got out from the vehicle dressed in black uniforms and helmet strapped on their head but not as the police men. Almost 10 of the Tactical team are spotted with different color and brand of m481 carbine. Also they had an inscription NIA at the back of there clothe and at the top side looking like a badge

”Hey kcee ” James, kcees partner and leader of the tactical team hailed at him. James looks young and cute due to his well afro cut and his clean shaved beard, surprisingly he had no spot or wrinkle on his face unlike kcee who had some tiny black dot on his face.

”What took you so long ” Kcee asked with a frown on his face as they walked to the back of the jeep.

”We were stuck in traffic, any heads up ” James replied as he opened the booth revealing different set of gadgets.

Kcee smirks before zipping off a black bag full of weapons ”Nothing much, we just found out about two cameras planted outside and at the side of the warehouse which means they see every activities going on outside their perimeter. Now the thing is we must find a way to get past five guards without been detected ” Kcee said, inserting bullet into a pistol. after sliding bullets into set of short guns, he carefully placed them into his bag .

”And how do we do that? ” James asked as he spotted a sig sauer mcx lying flat, he took it out before shutting the booth.

Kcee cocked his pistol before answering ”In other to put off the cameras; Kate is trying to disable it so that I can cut off the building power, then they won see us coming ” together they walked towards the other agents who are beside one of the bonnet of the vehicle.

James chuckled at his answer ”Operation take them by surprise; I like that but what is the plan? ” James asked while nodding his head with a smile

”Heres a layout of the warehouse ” kcee said pointing at the warehouse blue print inside a tiny laptop placed on the bonnet.

”in other to get in, well create a distraction at the gate, that way we could get in through the back fence. Immediately Kate disables the cameras, your team ” pointing at James ”would take out the guards without anyone knowing inside the building ” kcee looked at their faces to see if they were getting him

He then swiped on the laptop which immediately shows the heat signature of those who are inside the warehouse, sent by Kate ”there appears to be at least forty people inside the warehouse according to this heat signature and ahmed is likely among them. Our main priority is to catch ahmed alive, we believe hes preparing another attack, is that clear ” kcee explained to the whole team who nodded in response ”yes sir ”

Kcee about to utter another word was cut off by his ringtone which he forgot to but in silent mode ”Kcee Jones ” He called as he picked the call.

”Im ready ” at the other end, Kate stated.

”Copy ” he said before facing the rest ”lets go ” and at that, they all moved towards the warehouse with their weapons.

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