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Time: 9:25:32 AM

Location: National Intelligence Agency

NIA isa bit busy and noisy as many of the workers are walking to and fro with files on their hand, some are spotted on their system either talking on the phone or typing on the keyboard while some set are scattered across some entrances acting as a guard, wearing an identical uniform – a wine shirt on a black trousers.

Mr Lukman walked out of his office down to the stairs, he placed his hands on both railings for support. getting to the middle of the stairs he stopped facing everyone in the cortex who didn even notice him

”Can I get everyones attention pls ” his voice went across the room and surprisingly everywhere was quiet and all eyes focused on him. Some sat on the chair while others on their feet

”Thank you ” He adjusted his position before continuing ”As we all know; we are facing a situation in this country and in this state and in our jurisdiction weve been giving the mandate to fish out those who are behind these attacks ” he paused for a second glacing swiftly at some of them ”Now we have a lead and we have our best people out there so all I want from you guys is to work together in other to end this attack. Fbi as been given an hour to hit on something or else some of you are going home, so to avoid that let us leave less important issue aside and work together to end this war, is that clear? ” Using his left hand to draw the lower tip of his left ear, Mr Lukman said and at that they all echoed ”Yes sir ”

”Good, now lets get back to work ” Mr. Lukman instructed as everyone proceeded back to their duty. He then walked down the stairs towards Kate would was fisting her attention solely on her system

”Any update ” he asked standing close to her with his arms crossed

”Yea, kcee and his team are about to begin and also heres the live feed ” Kate replied as she clicked on her keyboard projecting the feed on the big screen which was hanged on top of the huge wall some meters north from their location

”Good ” he said with a nod before he spotted Joel who was arriving his seat, he turned to him before asking ”Joel, where is faruq? ”

”uhhh, he hasn checked in this morning ” Joel replied

Checking his watch, Mr Lukman stared at Joel with a furrowed brow ”by this time? ”

”anyway I want you to see that Mr. Salaam get this feed ” Mr. Lukman instructed Joel who got to work instantly while he bent over to have a view of Kates system


Time: 09:31:22 AM

Back at the warehouse, Kcee created a distraction at the gate. He made one of the agent look like a delivery man with a jumia t-shirt on his body and a cap on his head accompanied with a big box on his hand. As he knocked at the gate, the armed men inside the compound became surprised because ahmed never informed them that he was expecting anybody. The man posted at the gate, walked towards the mini gate, looked into a tiny spot to see who it was. He then open the gate to see a delivery man dressed in a jumia t-shirt standing in front of him with smile on his face. The delivery guy handed over the brown package to him with an explanation of who owns it. .

Seeing this, kcee counted it as go ahead and in less than 30 seconds, the whole team founded a way into the warehouse without the guards knowing.

”Now Kate ” kcee instructed through his earpod strapped on his ear to Kate who is still on her seat at FBI, clicking on her keyboard before tapping the enter button which immediately disabled the cameras

The guard at the gate took the package to his fellow guard trying to know what was inside, he opened it and boom the box exploded due to the glitter bomb which was placed inside the box which made the glitter spread all over his face, the sound was not too loud to attract attention from those inside but created distraction as they didn realize that some FBI agent are crawling on the roof and beside some trucks and vans packed in the compound.

Kcee gave a go ahead to some of the agents with snipers and in a sec they took the 5 terrorists out in a silent way


The whole time Ahmed was staring at the feed of the camera to see if everything was okay out there as he had a feeling that something was wrong. immediately the two feeds goes blank, he stared at it with a narrow eyes before turning to his son ”Alazam whats wrong with the feeds; why are they out ”

”I don know baba; let me check it out ” Alazam replied as he walked over to a system, clicked on it very fast before realizing someone tampered with the coverage. 30 seconds lapped and the security cameras went on projecting the dead bodies of the terrorists outside. Before ahmed could raise an alarm, the power suddenly went off

”Whats wrong with the lights; whats wrong with the power; check it out now ” Ahmed yelled with a paranoid look amidst the dark. As some of the men tried to check what was happening, the FBI agents appeared from both ended as they opened fire at ahmeds men. It was definitely an ambush mission as many of ahmeds men were killed

Ahmed with his two eyes saw this even as he fired back. Alazam hid behind his father who was shooting at the agents

Still shivering, Alazam yelled at his father ”Father what do we do? ”

”Get the scientist and the package and get to Dando now ” he yelled pointing towards the experiment room

”What about you baba ” Alazam asked with a scared look on his face

”Ill be after you, yanzu tafi (Now go) ” He ordered as he began to shoot sporadically so as to cover alazam from anyone who wants to shoot at him,

Meanwhile a terrorist was about to shoot kcee when James spotted him ”Kcee down ” He yelled at kcee who quickly bent down leaving James who sent out countable number of bullet to the terrorist. He fell and died instantly

”Thanks man ” kcee said as he stood up to his feet before asking ”Where is Ahmed?

James scanned the building with his eyes before spotting Ahmed running towards a passage ”Over there ” he pointed so that kcee could see him

”Cover me ” kcee grunted as he bent a little before adding ”Im going after him ” James nodded before resuming fire.

James started shooting wide with the aim of covering Kcee who ran towards the passage ahmed took some seconds ago. Meanwhile instead of walking out of the building; Ahmed tries to find another exit so as leave the building.

”Tafi; tafi tafi (go go go) ” Ahmed yelled as alazam and the scientist ran. The scientist was however not moving fast because of how weak he was but that didn bother alazam as he pushed him to move. As they got to a room,d ahmed pressed a tiny object on the wall and suddenly a part on the wall opened up just like an elevator. The inside looked like a tunnel which could probably lead to the outside of the warehouse

Alazam and the scientist entered the tunnel but as ahmed was about to enter he was stopped by Kcees voice ”Ahmed freeze, slowly lower your weapon and put your hands behind your head. do it now ” kcee ordered pointing his gun at him.

Ahmed freezes at that point and in a flash he decided that in other to get out of that mess, he has to eliminate kcee. Pretending to drop his weapon slowly, he tried to shoot kcee but unfortunately for him, Kcee was quick enough to slide to the ground mistakingly sending two bullets into Ahmeds belly.

Instantly blood started gushing out of his belly, he looked at it before falling to the ground. Seeing this kcee, kcee rushed to help him….

”damn it ahmed, stay with me, stay with me, ahmed stay with me ” Kcee grunted as he placed his two hand on ahmeds wound. He tried to suppress the blood which was gushing out. With his hands still on the wound, he turned back and yelled ”I need a medic ” Ahmed on the other hand groaned in pain.

”Ahmed listen to me, listen to me ” kcee yelled trying to revive ahmed who was closing his eyes lids by slapping his face but not too hard ”you won survive this until you get to a hospital, so you gonna tell me what I need to know and Ill give something to stabilize you, you get that ” kcee added staring at Ahmed but instead ahmed groaned back in anger ”Theres nothing I have to say to you ”

”Whos behind the attacks? are there any more attack? speak to me you son of a bitch ” Kcee cursed with his veins throbbing real hard not only on his neck but his head.

Still waiting for an answer, it appears that the whole ambush mission as ended as some medical team ran towards kcee ”Agent jones, we have to get him out of here, hes losing a lot of blood ” one of the medical team said but instead kcee yelled back at them ”I just need a minute so back off alright ”

Due to ahmeds condition, the medical team tried to persuade kcee but angrily, he took at his gun, pointing it at them ”I said back off, i don wanna use this on you so don force me. I just need a minute alright ” His actions scared the medical team who gripped in fear. They nodded slowly at kcees demand.

Inserting his gun, he moved back to Ahmed who was now spitting blood out of his mouth ”You only have some seconds to live so tell me exactly what I need to know ” he barked at him

”The attack on Shoprite was phase one of our plan to get the presidents attention but you
e too late, the virus already is on its way to Dando ” ahmed groaned with a face rumpled together in pain

Kcee became surprised at what he just heard ”what kind of virus, whos dando, talk to me you idiot ” kcee yelled again but instead of replying, ahmed said some words in arabic with his eyes closed ”da sunan Allah mai rahama (In the name of Allah the beneficent) ”

Seeing that Ahmed could give up any moment, one of them uttered ”Now can we ”

Kcee looked at ahmed spitefully ”damn it ” before getting up from Ahmed. Immediately, the medical team charged for him ”We gotta get him out of here ” The leader said as he order one of them to stretch out a closed trolley

”Alright on my mark; ready, one two three go ” Ahmed was carried into the troll and taken out of the room leaving kcee alone


Time: 9:57:55 AM

Kcee stood there putting on a thinking face, he thought about what ahmed said, about the virus and dando. Seconds later, he was snapped out his train of thoughts by James who walked in ”Kcee you got to see this. ”James said as they both walked out of the room towards the experiment room. Walking out Kcee realized that all of ahmeds men didn survive the attack

”During our investigation we found different items that looks like ahmed is planning something, something big Kcee ” James explained with a gesture

At that Kcee froze and asked ”Like what ”

”Like this ” James replied as he pointed to a experiment room. He then saw a part which was used to conduct an experiment

”What the hell is this ” Kcee muttered to himself as he looked everywhere before remembering about the virus

”Oh my God ” He exclaimed silently as he had a little idea on what was going on

”What is it Kcee ” James asked staring at him for an answer with his brows furrowed together but instead kcee instructed ”Get me the forensic scientists, I think i know what Ahmed is planning ” at that, James dashed out of the room while kcee took out his phone from his pocket. He dialed a number on his phone which buzzed for some seconds ”Hello this Kcee Jones ” he paused ”I like to speak with the president, tell him it is very urgent ” Kcee said with a fixed gaze at the experiment table with an exasperated sigh





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