The president seems to be worried about the attack that happened last week at shoprite. The Chief of staff assures him that the security agents are working on it but it would take time. Meanwhile Mr. Lukman (The director of NIA) as been given an ultimatum of an hour to catch those behind the attacks and down to his family he seems to have issue with his daughter but luckily for him they (NIA( got an hit on Ahmeds location. Ahmed on the other hand works on phase two of his plan but without seeing kcee and his team coming he was attacked leaving his son Alazam on the run with his so called plan 2. When Kcee figured out his so called plan 2, he phones the aso rock

The following takes place between 10AM and 12PM

Time: 10:03:20AM

Location: Outside the radiography warehouse

Sirens of both ambulance & police vehicle could be heard all over yaba axis. series of ambulance went in and out of the warehouse, conveying both injured armed men and fbi agents. The police sets down a perimeter with a yellow crime tape in front of the warehouse meaning one goes in out except the ambulance. from different angle, people stood with a questioning face, asking one another what happened. the only thing they could tell was that they heard gunshots but they couldn fathom the cause of the gunshots.

A block away from the perimeter zone, alazam came out together with the scientist walking towards a huge trash bin. He held a white briefcase with his left hand and a gun with the other hand, he looked suspicious as his eyes scanned the environment. Due to the voices he heard, he quickly pushed the scientist to the back of the trash bin. He lowered himself together with the zixuan placing a gun on his head after placing a threat for him not to make a tiny bit of movement or noise.

After seconds the voices subsided. he raised his head slowly to see if anyone was standing right in front of him. seeing he was clear, he held zixuan dragging him in a rough manner towards a blue van parked in the other side of the street

He opened the back of the van, tossed zixuan whos lab wear was now drenched with dry blood into the van. he fell and groaned in pain even as he rose to sit. alazam slammed the door and moved straight to the driver seat after sliding his gun at the back of his trousers. he placed the briefcase on the seat adjacent to him before igniting the van. smashing the turtle, the van accelerated from the area. while driving, alazam took out his phone from his pocket with the motive of making a call.


Location: Mushin

Along downtown mushin, there are different warehouse of different sizes and for different purposes. either a manufacturing warehouse or wearhouse stocked with goods. A particular warehouse was however occupied by a group of secret armed men. with the kind of things found inside the warehouse; you could say that its a terrorist hide out with different type of weapons, ammunitions, terrorist with weapons as they move about and also people working under tech.

A man from a distance is seen praying in his mat. He stood up, crossed his arms together with eyes fisted to the ground. he mumbled something words to himself before kneeling and bowing his head in adoration to god. minutes later he was done as he rolled his mat and walked out of the room. a member of his alliance walked towards him with a phone, he handed over the phone to him after informing he had some one the line.

”You have Alazam on the line for you ”

”Alazam ” he said with a narrow look ”give it to me ” he collected the phone and placed it on his ear.

without waiting for an hello talkless of a proper greeting, alazam yelled with a trembling voice ”dando, something bad just happened ” he said with a panicking voice as he held the phone with his right hand and the steering with the other.

”What happened ” dando asked with a questioning look on his face. he changed the phone from his right ear to his left before asking again ”wheres ahmed? ”

”Hes dead; everyone is dead apart from the scientist and I ” with a frown on his face, alazam said. he bite his lips very hard and swallowed his spit continuously.

Dando made some steps away from a set of weapons. ”relax alazam and speak to me? what happened ” dando walked towards a laptop, scrolling through sites for latest news.

Alazam relaxed from his abnormal breathing before replying, he eyes glanced at both the side and rear mirror constantly ”we were attacked by the security agent, we were ambushed dando, they killed my father and everyone ”

”Take it easy son, relax ” he said after affirming what alazam told him through an headline he spotted on a news site ”how do you know your father is dead? ” he asked since there were no update on the death of ahmed.

still driving, alazam replied ”i heard gunshots after my father told me to bring the virus to you ” he said as tears began to fall from his eyes.

”he died in other for the virus to get to you ” he added with a sniffle.

Hearing that, dando shook his head slowly while chanted some words in arabic ”lai lai ih allah ” he sighed then continued ”where are you now ”

alazam looked around then glanced at his watch before answering ”im twenty minutes out of your location ”

”and I hope you are not been tracked? ” Dando asked as he ran his hands through his bald head while staring at akbar who walked towards him due to Dandos concerned look

after glancing at the side and rear mirror, alazam replied ”no baba, i took the citys tunnel down to a street; which is impossible for them to locate me ”

”good ” he nodded with a faint smile ”and hows the virus and the scientist ”

alazam looked back and spotted zixuan rocking from side to side with his head placed between his knee, he then looked at the virus briefcase on the seat beside him ”Its okay but the job isn completed ” he said as there appears to be no tears on his face

After searching for a location on his laptop, dando instructed with his eyes fisted on the system ”okay when you get to Ojota bridge, i have someone waiting for you. youll change vehicle and head down here straight ”

”eh baba ” alazam nodded

”allah be with you ” and without waiting for a reply Dando ended the call and placed it on a table. he then ordered akbar to take some men with him to go fetch alazam while on the other end alazam keeps driving, staring at the side and rear mirror to be sure if he wasn being followed.

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