pleasure is mine ” Mr president continued ”Im here with the vice president, my chief of staff (Yakubu Musa), my permanent secretary; the chief of army staff and also the governor of lagos state who joins us live ” Mr. President introduced his cabinets to Mr. Lukman. seeing that, Mr. Lukman decided to reciprocate that action.

He first of all sighed before speaking ”Thank you Mr. President. over here I have my personal data analysts – Kate Daniels; Joel Aaron; Faruq Jimad, Sarah vote and we also have over the phone our head of field opps Kcee Jones ”

”Hello Mr. President ” Over the phone kcee greeted, Mr. president was happy to hear his voice ”Its so great to hear your voice Mr. Jones ” Mr. President said with a broad smile on his face.

Mr President and kcee once had a close connection. He met kcee two years ago when he wanted to run for the presidential race, kcee was however assigned to him to be his guard. Thanks to kcee, Mr President escaped an attempted assassination which they later realized it was made by the other party. After attaining the presidential seat, mr president lost his close connection with kcee due to his tight schedule.

”Lets get down to business; what do you have for us ” The chief of staff cuts in with his fingers interlocked together.

Mr. Lukman adjusted his spectacles and began ”Mr. President, we have good news and at the same time bad news but Ill begin with the good news. Im happy to inform you that we have in our custody the head of the terrorist that attacked shoprite last week ” Mr. Lukmans statement left the dignities in shock or lets say a good shock as they stared at one another with smiles on their faces.

”Well indeed that is a good news and who do we have ” The vice president adjusted his tie to his neck before asking.

Immediately Joel reads out loud from his laptop placed on the center table ”His name is Ahmed Danladi, a big time arm dealer who had worked under the regime of Jarden ”

At the word Jarden, Mr president made a narrow look ”Jarden, I thought Jarden was apprehended by the NIA ”

”Yes Mr. President but not his ally. Ahmed escaped and started his own empire but this time it seems hes working under someone ” Mr. Lukman said while fiddling with a pen on his right hand. He stared at the tv hanged on the wall.

”What do you mean ” The governor of lagos who joined the meeting via zoom interrupted.

Mr. Lukman dropped his pen before replying ”during our investigation we found out that ahmed is kinda preparing something big here in this city ”

”Which is? ” My President question was answered by kcee who is still at the radiograph warehouse ”During todays attack, we saw ahmed and his son who we know as alazam escaping the building. Trying to catch ahmed, alazam escaped which means he is on the run. Mr President, while interrogating ahmed, he made mentioned about a virus ”

Before kcee could utter the next word, the chief of staff exclaimed with his head tilted to a side ”A virus? ”

”Mr. Jones this is the chief of army staff, what kind of virus are we talking about and particularly where is this virus? ” The chief of army staff *SAKA* asked leaning forward with his interlocked fingers placed on the table.

”Possibly this virus is in the hands of ahmeds son trying to get it to a man known as Dando Ayew ” Looking at Kcees answer, it still needs some clarification as Kate found in the conference room at NIA continued with the conversation ”our database shows no much details on Dando only that he had a brotherly connection with an ex soldier who was jailed and killed for betraying his team back in Ghana ”

”So what does this Dando have to do with the virus ” Mr President asked with a questioning look, he adjusted himself on his presidential seat.

”Mr. President we strongly believe that Dando is planning to release the virus to every part in the city ” Mr Lukman calmly said as he stood in his feet, pacing around with his eyes still fisted on the tv.

The chief of army staff decided to ask once again but this time directly to Kcee.

”Mr. Jones you have not answered my question yet. what kind of virus are we talking about? ” his question brought silence for some seconds amidst mr lukman and his co-workers.

Kcee sighed before responding ”sir im sorry to say but we
e dealing with something we all know as the…..

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