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Kim tari ready for school but at her home is become fighting field she knew that today also her bad day like others day. She never fight against her parents. she silently always take their criticism and move. When Kim tari out of the house and on the way of bus stop she always think whats her fault that her parents always fight because of her and criticise her and waiting for bus on behind Park min jea come and see Tari that she is in the deep thaught because he say hi to Kim Tari but she not reply they take the bus for school but Kim tari not out of her thoughts.

In school she try to focus on the class but can fully concentrate. On lunch break Park min jea ask Song Sun about Kim tari that why Kim tari in her such a deep thaughts.

Song Sun reply she doesn know because she never talk about her problems she also never invited or visit anybody house most of the time she in always in those thaughts but any body ask about it she reply that is none of you business.

Park min jea ask the favour to Song sun to introduce him to Kim tari. Actually Song sun and Park min jea is cousins. Song sun says there is very less opportunities that you became her friend. Kim tari rarely spoke to her deskmate or class. Song create many efforts to make her friend.

During the sports class Song sun introduce Park min jea to Kim tari but her reaction is very normal to a popular boy of school. Kim tari actually in deep thaught that when she went her house how to handle the situation because her little brother can handle it because he is in a middle school. He is very small to handle the fights of the house. She always try to protect her brother to those criticism she always heard for herself.

After the School she Back to her home and first she put the earphone on her brother ear and say to him complete his homework during that time she cook for him and others because the house is empty when she entered her house eventually her parents come to house and fight thats why she put the earphone to her brother.

After the making dinner she ate with her brother before her parents come and and try that her brother will sleep. After that she go to her late night study.

on late night her father come in the condition of drunk she try to take care of her him but He puch her and she bumb into the wall. She hurted on her shoulder but she try to endure her pain and put her drunk father to him bed and go to her room and silently try to sleep because she knew that her mother is also came late tonight and try to hurtful situation her better option to avoid her. On next day she wake up her brother and ask him to put some ointment her shoulder silently after that and make breakfast for brother and herself and hangover suop for and parents and put on the table and leave a note to eat it and drop her brother to his school and after that went to her school.

just like that few days pass and exam are near but Kim tari haven any concern about exam. she disappeared in her thoughts because of her disappearance she met with a accident but saved by

Park min jea there eyes to meet each other then song sun come and break there silence. After that Kim tari leaves with song sun to cafeteria and discuss about exam and decide to group study for exam in song sun house.

when Kim tari enter her house her house is in a mess. because of mess she knew what happened in her house. she start clean the house and its became evening because of cleaning after that she prepared for dinner and went to song son house with her brother and notify her parents with a note that she spend the night at her friend house.

exam are near and Kim tari devote most probably f the effort in her study because she wanted to go University and care her brother both when Kim tari enter the House of song sun she see that min jea is already there than sun say that min jea help in our studies of exam during studies min jea and tari are closer than before and make friends to eachother there feeling are developing slowly slowly and song sun see all of it many days passed away and finally exam will start

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