face of past

Kim tari transferred to injoe high school in Incheon. in last 200 days before University exam in those days Kim tari only focus on her study try her best to make in good University and become h doctor in her new high school she is not friendly because of song sun and park min jea but a girl effort melted her heart and became her new friend nim suji .Suji is her new classmate and she also want to become a doctor so she also very hard with Kim tari. after very hard study they both successfully admitted to the key University of Seoul and they both packed her stuff and leave together for the university.

on the university gate they fill there entry form. Due to form filling a senior try to talk with Kim tari but she barely response to that senior. his senior crush on her on first site but she ignore that feeling since the incident she never want to fallen in love again so she avoids all the incident and sign of love. and ask a senior to side of dorm and leave with her friend.

on her first day of college she attended silently all classes and ignore all boys who tried to contact her after class she going to find part time jobs for pay for her living because she doesn want that her parents give living expenses to her. finally she got a job at convenience store at night shift.

Another day she got a job in college students cafe they adjust her time according to her classes.

now she gave all her time to study or jobs most of the time she not came her from her and her dorm member also don know her well due to her time table months passed and she ignore all her worries and try to make goods marks in exam and during her vacation she gone to her grandmother house. her grandmother live in Jeju Island during her vacations she help her grandmother and her father visit her because of work his father is also busy now days thats why most of the time she cannot contact her parents. she also doesn want contact them most time because of her past most of the time she spend in studies and jobs in college and now in vacations she mostly time spend with helping and study she also help in health clinic for her experience after the vacations over she back to her from her drommate surprise to see her because they first time see her she introduced her self and gave them to grandmothers gifts all are thankfull to her all girls talk to her in nice way and ask why she is not live in from.

she say most of the time she spend in job and studies during her job she also studied and thats why she can make to from in time so she sleep in convience store or cafe with his owner permission. second year start of her college because now classes are more so she has to left of her job so one of her professor help her to volunteer to basketball assistant doctor to help him to injured in game also find a job in library thats how she can disturb her studies.

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