will you accept me?

now Kim tari work in library and as a assistant doctor in basketball team.

Basketball tournament is near as a assistant doctor Kim tari present in all matches but she doesn know now she has to face her fast .

during final match of her college team is opponent of park min jae college team.

match started Kim tari is late for the match because of her late night studies.

when Kim tari take her place on her chair park min jae see her.

His eyes filled with his and her past and guilt .how he can say anything to her how he can confess and apologise her. .

But Kim tari is concentrated in her work and studies the players injury because during treatment she can complicate there situation to give them wrong treatment.

final match end and winners will be Kim tari college team .

after match all members of team is going to the dinner and force to Kim tari join them and finnally Kim tari agree to join them. a voice rang back of the players Kim tari See he is park min jae .

during Kim tari see to min jae her expression is very calm but her heart in pain she doesn want that park min jae see her pain after he cheated her .

then slowly she want to leave with team members but stop by min jae .

Park min jae said I want to talk to you Kim tari

Kim tari on her cold expression what do you want to talk after so many years .

Park min jae express his guilt and apologise to Kim tari said i know Im wrong at past i don do that to you but Kim tari…

Kim tari stop him during his confession and calmly said i accept your apology now my team members is waiting for me and leave with pain in her heart .

with team members all ask Kim tari to do you know park min jae and Praise him on front of Kim tari.

Kim tari is sad because of face off with park min jae and try to cover her sadness with a cute little smile and said to team members she is not feeling well and head to her drom . i will join you next time and give them a promise for next time and leave.

when Kim tari head to her drom team captain He Ming accuse them that he has work in dorm and slowly chase to Kim tari to make sure she safely head to her drom after when Kim tari safely enter her drom and heing back to her drom.

next day…..

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