chapter one: Dazed

Everything is cool in the room, Abigail sits down on the bed very weak, and the day is very stressful, glancing at the ceiling, a shadow pops out from nowhere she is scared of the shadow coming near her, she quickly switched on the light,… Abigail is at a loss for words, why are you here and what…..? James smirk and sit down on the bed, what did you think I come here to do? I come here to see you, of course.

Abigail stand still asking without thinking, by this time of the day when you know my parent is not around

He smile slowly while moving closer to her, she walked back, and he signed talking not stopping why are you scared of me, your parent left you to me so that I can take care of you and you being like this is very weird, did you want me to take my leave? asked James.

She stood there speechlessly and stunned, she cleared her throat what is wrong with you? She smiled I thought you want to scare me like the other day she hit him on the shoulder, and he laugh jokingly asking for his sit. they started joking until its time for him to leave.

Andrew Williams is pacing to and fro in the hotel, he sat down glancing at the document, and some minutes later he receives a call from a receptionist that Mrs. Williams is around.

Andrew quickly hide the document, minutes later Mrs. Williams walked in and hurry closer to his husband, good evening darling said Clara, evening sweethe

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