las regalías

2. I will only devour you.

In the dark shadows of the oldest castles of Alvania, there was a woman sneaking about stealthily not wanting to make of her appearance known by anyone. She knew that she could manage to run in an inhumanly speed but it was too risky and too easy that she could not make any mistakes to make her plans go down the drain. She wanted the people who were looking for her to catch her scent so they might think shes still inside the castle.

She opened slowly one of the secret doors that led to one of guest room that she knew no one would be occupying and closed softly not wanting those savage ears of the guard to hear anything. She exhaled softly holding her hand to chest listening carefully with her vampire ears to hear if anyone was following her or knew where she was but she was so infested in listening to the other side of the door that she didn notice the man who was inside the room staring at her intently.

”Who are you and what are you doing in my room? ” Upon hearing those words her eyes widened as she finally smelled the manly cologne and noticed the presence of another person in the same room.

She didn try to turn back or look at the person who was with her in the room because she was scared that it was one of her fathers men.

The man was getting impatient and irritated because the person hiding behind that cloak did nothing but stood still. He wanted to rip out the person piece by piece because he was disrespecting him but he held still waiting to see what next that person hiding under the cloak would do.

”Turn around and face me. ” The man spoke calmly folding his hands above his naked chest as he anticipated to see the person who had the audacity to disturb and break into the room hes sleeping in.

The woman under the cloak turned around not daring to remove the cloak that was covering her face and faced the man that spoke with so much authority. She hated how he was trying to command her, nobody dared to command her except for her father but this man had the audacity to speak to her as if shes his servant or a mere peasant that you could just kick around.

She looked up to look at the man and was immediately dumbstruck by what she saw. It was the next heir of the entire vampire realm. The son of the King of kings of all the vampires. She couldn stop her eyes from gazing intently at him, she couldn be able to form the right words to describe his appearance. She knew that she has ever met him once but she never had the time to look at him entirely, seeing that now he was just shirtless and was only covering his lower body with a towel.

”Greetings, son of the lord. ” The woman said calmly tipping her head slightly to show courtesy to the prince but the prince was a little surprise that the person under the cloak was infact a woman and only payed respect to him by only tipping her head.

This made him question which statues this mysterious woman had because only the high ranked nobles or the council itself had that type of manners. He tried to pry into the womans thoughts but he found them oddly calm.

”You do know it is a grave sin to enter my room without any permission? ” The prince questioned leaning to the wall but noticed the womans attention was not entirely at him but by what is happening outside.

The woman had completely ignored the princes question upon hearing the rapid footstep from outside. Time was not on her side if she stayed here any longer she would be caught and seeing that the prince was in this room, she couldn go through with plan she had in mind. She looked at the prince once more before taking haste steps towards him not even knowing that he had already heard her thoughts and took his arm fast but immediately stopped moving when she found herself in another place.

She could only see bits and bits of images but what caught her eyes was how her father angrily call off her so called marriage and then she saw the prince by the side standing calmly as her father hastily left the room.

As she stood there motionless, the prince knew who she was but was also confused as to why she wasn moving nor saying anything. From how he went through her thoughts he found out that she was the daughter of one of the most powerful elder in the vampire world, who was also one of the powerful council members.

He heard rumors about his daughter. It is said that no one has ever dared to see her face because of her undeniable beauty, she has always coved her face when shes in public but it is also said that she holds immense power.

His my way out. He heard her thoughts which made his suspicion of her peak a little a higher wanting to know what shes really up to, then he noticed her look at the door once again before she looked at him, then every thing made sense to him.

”I need your help. ” He heard her say softly as she withdrew her hand from his. He lifted one of his eyebrows giving her a mocking face of why he would consider even helping her which made her feel irritated slightly but she had no time to waste.

”I know youve been trying to avoid getting married to princess Amalia. ” The woman started which made the prince go rigid and his features darkened a little bit. ”I also don want to get married to that bastard and I know I can help you if you can help me. ” The woman continued not giving time for the prince to speak as she said that, she watched impatiently the prince before her attention was diverted to the noise coming from outside.

They are already here. The woman thought before looking at the prince once again. ”I don have the whole day Prince Alexander. ” The woman mattered under her breath feeling that her time was almost up.

”What makes you think that I need your help? ” The prince questioned eyeing the cloaked woman and she looked up at him meeting with his silver eyes.

”I know you can be able to avoid marrying Princess Amalia but his Majesty will make you get engaged to another woman and the next if you won agree. ” The prince was surprised by the womans knowledge about his life that he decided to go along with what she planning.

”Okey, what if I agree? What is your plan? ” The woman got a little excited seeing that his finally accepting to help her and that she may be able to finally get out of this situation.

”Make Love to me. ” The woman said without any shame and the prince was taken back slightly by her remark.

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