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3. The Council

There attention was once again interrupted by loud knock on the door which made the womans heart pound a little. She felt like the little hope that she had a while ago was slowly fading.

Why is he taking long to respond? Ive heard of his reputation with women, Im sure this is no big deal for him. So why on earth is he taking so long to just accept? The woman thought angrily, fisting her hands tightly as she looked again at the door. If he doesn agree I will be forced to kill any person who dares to enter this room.

She heard one of the men shout for the prince to open the door but the prince ignored them as he continued to prey into the womans thoughts.

”I will agree to what you
e saying but I find it very odd that the woman who is about to be married wants to sleep with someone else. Don you fear that your fathers reputation and yours will be completely dragged down through the mad? ” The prince questioned a little curious and the woman smirked under her cloak.

”Thats a mere problem that I careless about, my concern is not marrying that bastard my father wants me to eagerly marry. ” He could hear the venom that was slipping past her words.

”Okey. ” The prince said calmly making the woman to tilting her head a little not understanding what he meant by his answer. Is he accepting my offer? ” She questioned herself still trying to understand what he meant.

”Yes . Im accepting your offer. ” He answered her question which made her to question herself again if she said it out loud but she was sure she said in her mind unless….she looked up at the prince her eyes widening a little from realization.

”You can hear my thought. ” She stated and she saw the smug face forming on the princes face. Her eyes travelled to the red tattoo on his bicep, it was a tattoo that represented one of his gifts. Every royal and noble are born with various tattoos that represent the gifts they have. The royals have a crest that represent the bloodline that they came from and Alexander being the bloodline of the first ever turned vampire on earth had very special gifts, some of which were very disasters.

That is why his bloodline is considered to be the most powerful and feared one to ever live. The woman was staring intently at his tattoo while thinking of how much he has heard from her thoughts.

”There is one thing that I haven told you. ” She felt him whisper in her ear which is covered by the cloak and she felt a cold shiver run down her spine. ”If I do this, I won make any love to you, I will only devour you. ” His voice was low that she had to gulp a little from how she felt her inside twist in a funny way.

She has never felt this way for the many centuries she lived in this earth. The only reason she came up with that idea was so that her father would be so enraged that he would cancel her marriage. She knew one of the demands of the man she was about to marry is that while they were engaged no one should try to touch her but if she manages to do this, she knew her marriage would be called off.

Sure this won be her first time indulging in sexual activities. She has had her share of experience but she has truly never enjoyed it so indulging herself with a man is truly a big sacrifice that shes willing to take.

”Do whatever you want. ” She breathed out, her fists tightly clenched as she waited for his response.

”Strip. ” The prince moved away from her making himself comfortable on the edge of the bed, waiting to see if she can really do it.

What a perverted man. Hes telling me to strip just like one his play toys. The woman thought angrily but then she remembered that he can read her thoughts which made her stop thinking of how she truly wanted to kill him.

She slowly removed the cloak from her body and the prince watched her wavy blood red hair gracefully fall down to her waist then she slowly looked up toward him of which he saw her black cat eyes looking straight into his silver ones not even daring to break eye contact. The woman continued to remove her clothes one by one, not showing off any fear or intimidation from the way the prince was watching her every move.

The prince couldn stop himself from taking in every single detail of her features. He felt as if he was being bewitched by her beauty, he has never seen such unique and beautiful eyes in his entire world, his eyes roamed to the sharp pointed ears of the woman noticing shes truly half fae as the rumors went round then his eyes slowly fell to her pink plump lips.

Mesmerzing. He thought as he watched her strip her clothes. The woman didn want to show how nervous she truly was but she had to put on this cold act so this would be over with.

”Everything. ” She heard him say which made her eyes turn slightly violet not liking his tone but she still followed his instructions and removed the only things left that were atleast covering the little decency she had left.

After she was done removing her undergarments, she saw how hungrily the prince looked at her and in just a second he was infront of her. She felt him run his hand over one of her birth tattoos that was near her neck and she immediately shuddered feeling his icy fingers slowly trail on her skin.

”You have the gift of sight. ” He stated more than questioned her emotionless. ”That explains how you got to know of my marriage to princess Amalia. ”

The womans heart started to pound faster fearing that now that he found out about her sight he won go through with her but what he did next surprised her.

She felt his soft lips trail small kisses down her neck, then slowly she felt his teeth graze a sensitive spot near her shoulder blades and she immediately felt an involuntary moan leave her lips not being able to hide how she was affected by it.

The prince wanted so much to sink his teeth into her skin, to taste her intoxicating blood that he could smell from a mile away but that move would be one of the biggest mistakes he makes. If he would sink his teeth into her skin and break it, it would make their life forces to be bond together, they would be mates and he could not afford to do such a mistake just because he was clouded by lust.

”You intrude me, Renèe? ” The woman didn know that she had subconscious offered him her neck and that she was breathing heavily.

He knew me all along. Her heart was beating so fast. She felt his tongue glide slowly on her skin as he tasted her blood from the graze he made. She knew if he would continue this and just sink his teeth into her something inevitable would occur but she didn know why she didn want to stop him, actually she was yearning for it. Her body was humming wonderfully under the touch of this man, a man who was nothing but a stranger to her.

An involuntary whine left her lips when she felt the princes lips leave her but in a matter of seconds, she felt herself being pressed down to the bed.

Alexander was hovering over Renèe, his body completely covering hers. She felt something hard poke her inner thighs, which made her slowly gulp and look up to see his previous silver eyes has now turned red which was filled with lust and hunger. There was no turning back for her now.

On the other side of the door, the guards of the castle had already run off to their master to tell him that the prince wasn responding to their calls and that Renèe was still missing.

The guards new that he was the only one who had the special key to the princes room so when he heard that his daughter was missing he angrily hurried to the princes room fearing that something might happened between them if his daughter is truly in his room.

He didn want to think of that, so when he opened the door that belonged to the princes room, he was holding his breath hoping not to find his daughter with the prince.

”Prince Alexander, Im sorry for bulging inside- ” Renèes father stopped dead in his track as he saw what he was truly hoping wouldn happen.

The staff who had seen the commotion that was happening in the palace slowly followed the guards to see what was truly happening and some of them gasped from what they were seeing as others tried not to blush at the scene before them.

Renèe looked up at the prince, fear clouding her face because she knew before her father and the guards had arrived in the room nothing had happened between them. They didn make love and she feared that Prince Alexander would tell her father the truth to save his own image.

Please tell them that something happened between us. Renèe said in her mind knowing that the prince could hear her but the prince only gazed distantly at her.

”Prince Alexander, tell me nothing happened between you two. ” Her father said desperately seeing the two in an intimate position.

Through out the mix Alexander had managed to cover the both of them with the sheet so nobody could actually see their naked bodies aligned together. Prince Alexander moved from the bed not caring to cover his private parts and Renèe hastily pulled up the sheets to cover herself up, her eyes widening a little as she watched his thick, long erect moving between his legs.

The maids looked between the prince who was walking around naked and then to their masters daughter who for the first time wasn wearing her cloak. Some of the men were so mesmerized by the beauty of their masters daughter and the women around were gazing lustfully at the prince.

”I can believe the two of them had sex. ” One of the maids whispered to her fellow maid who was still staring at the prince as if he was a god who fell from heaven.

”Miss Renèe is truly beautiful. ” One of the guards muttered with no shame that he didn notice that everyone around him heard him.

”Yes, Ras Al Ghul. If you mean that by me making love to your daughter. ” The prince answered coldly, one of his trusted men bringing him some pants to put on.

When Renèe heard what the prince had said, she couldn stop the surprised look that crossed her face but she immediately covered it and faced her father who was fuming angrily.

She smirked darkly seeing that what she foresaw was truly happening. ”Prince Alexander, you have done a grave sin. My daughter was supposed to be married tomorrow by Hendrix but now everything is ruined because of this silly mistake you have done. ” Ras Al Ghul fumed angrily his eyes turning bright red.

”You will have to marry my daughter and thats final. ” That made Renèe smirk to immediate fall as she heard what her father said, then she looked at the prince expecting him to deny what her father said but he didn .

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