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4. Kendell

Renèe watched her father walk away angrily, ordering everyone to get out of his sight. ”So this was your plan? ” She heard the princes cold voice say and she immediately tensed seeing where this situation was going.

It is said that fae are known to be the most tricksters creature in this world and vampires the most sly and ruthless creatures. Renèe being of both combination it was no doubt she was truly a dangerous woman.

Renèe woke up from the bed covering herself with the dark sheets as she faced angrily at the prince. She already knew what the prince was thinking and she couldn stand by watching as she was being accused falsely.

”Look, I might be a fae but us faeries are known to always say the truth and Im telling you the truth now. I didn know my father would do such a thing. ” She tugged slightly her hair, her eyes turning red a little as she angrily thought of how her father always took advantage of whatever situation there might be.

She knew her father always craved for power thats why he wanted her to get married to Hendrix, the son of one of the elders council. She has always managed to come up with an excuse as to why she couldn get married but now her time is up.

She truly hated Hendrix, she knew he was a manwhore but other than that he would soon join the council. She hated that word, council. They might be the ones who always helps his Majesty to make decisions for their kind but truly their nature is just like that of a snake and that includes her father.

So shes not truly surprised when her father immediately came up with the idea of her to marring the prince. He found the opportunity to sink his way to the most powerful royal family even though he himself is a royal.

Ras Al Ghul is a name given to the person who could master the art of the devil. Her father led a clan of vampire assassins who could wipe out an entire convey with just a snap of his fingers. His one of the heartless creatures that roam around the world.

”Miss Renèe, we have to get you ready fast. The council has been summoned. ” One of her personal maid came to her, offering her cloak so that she would be able to cover herself up.

Upon hearing those words, she gritted her teeth angrily as her sharp nail dug deep into her flesh drawing blood. Everybody around her noticed how the atmosphere had rapidly change and how the sky had became darker.

Oh no, Miss Renèe is really angry right now. The maid panicked hastily grabbing her miss hand and trying to calm her down. She noticed how her eyes had turned between a dark shade of violet and red. She knew what she was doing was a suicide mission but it was worth it.

She has served her for 200 years and through those years she has dedicated her life and soul to her mistress even though it might cost her her life.

”Prince Alexander, his Majesty has summoned you to his chambers. ” One of the kings men told the prince and he lazily slipped on his shirt as he gave one last cold glance at Renèe before leaving.

This managed to cause Renèe to snap out of her dark thoughts not wanting the prince to leave because she knew he was entirely convinced that she had no part of what her father had planned but when she was about to speak the prince had already left.

Alexander walked to his fathers chamber seeing that Ras Al Ghul was already in the room as they waited for his presence. ”Is it true of what he is saying? ” His Majesty questioned, his red eyes glowing slightly as he gazed to his son who was emotionless and deadly calm as he nodded his head before he sat down.

”My daughter was going to marry Hendrix but now because of this mistake they have made, my daughter won be able to marry him any longer. So I demand for your son to take full responsibility and marry my daughter. ” Ras Al Ghul immediately fumed out, the black veins near his eyes starting to show.

”Watch your tone as you speak to me. ” His Majesty boomed at him but the man didn cower even single bit.

”Might I remind you that you are under my territory and you know how much power I hold if you try to go against me. ” Ras Al Ghul threatened the king who was now shaking violently with anger as he saw the man infront of him disrespecting him infront of his son.

”How dare you? Im sure this was all a set up so that you can manage to snake your way through my family. ” The king snapped at the man as he held him by the neck ready to rip out his head.

”Remember Im one of the council members, if you try to kill me it will be considered treason. ” The man chuckled slightly as he was struggling for air and the king threw him to the wall forcefully which created a big hole from the impact.

Ras Al Ghul stood up immediately, running fast to the person who threw him to the wall ready to seek his revenge by ripping his heart out but before he could make that move, they were interrupted by one of the men who announced that the council were arriving. All this while Alexander watched with a bored expression on his face as the two interacted.

Alexander and his father had only come to Alvania because of the infamous wedding that was about to happen tomorrow. He didn expect to be brought up into this kind of mix or that he would probably be getting marriage to the woman who he had come to see her wedding.

His father really wanted him to get married soon so he could take over his role and he could finally join the council, knowing full well if he is part of the council he will be almost invisible by being one of the most powerful bloodline and also he may be able to control the council.

Back at Renèes room the maid was busy trying to get her mistress ready even though she could feel the brewing storm that was outside which was currently caused by her mistress. The maid was panicking inside knowing if she made one wrong move it would end her poor life, so she was trying her best not to make any noise or say anything that would displease her mistress.

Renèe felt someone behind her and she immediately told her personal maid to leave them. ”El Ashikhar, its finally nice of you to make of your appearance. ” She made sure she was sarcastic enough so that he could hear her disapproval of him being in her room.

The young man even though he has lived for more than 300 centuries stood before her in a blink of an eye not caring about the attitude his little sister was showing him. The young man had ink black curly hair, which was combed neatly, his black cat eyes watching playfully as his little sister rumbled of her disappointment that he was only showing up right now while there was a big issue going on.

”You know I hate it when you call me that, Renèe. ” He said with narrowed eyes referring to the name of his status he was given due to his intelligence and ruthless ways.

”But you earned it. ” Renèe smirked at him darkly which made his scowl to deepen. Their familys bloodlines was one of the most complicated ones to ever live, they are known to be royal but their father being the second to be born in the bloodline could not afford to be the next ruler of their bloodlines because he did not bare the crest of their family making him to become an outcast to their bloodline.

His older brother was the one who took the responsibilities and he was supposed to be the next in command but their father refused that position and started his own empire of assassins who would kill anyone who was considered to be out of the law in the vampire world, this gained him the place in the council because he one of the oldest and heartless vampires to roam the world.

”Forget about that. I didn know that you have suddenly pick up an interest in the sexual life. ” The young man commented knowing full well his sister had purely given up in the sexual life and would never look back on it. He knew there was something else going on.

”So you have heard. ” Renèe muttered under her breath seeing the word has already spread like wildfire.

”You were trying to escape weren you. ” Her brother finally came to a conclusion remember that the guest room which the prince was staying had a secret passage which he found out when he was once following Renèe. ”You wanted to go to the human realm. ” He said much bitterly which made Renèes eyes to turn bloodshot red.

”Don speak of it out loud, Nikolj. ” She seethed narrowing her eyes at him knowing full well that the walls of this castle had ears.

”You can make me feign ignorance, Renèe. I know for the past decade you have been roaming in the human realm just because of that woman. ” While there argument was going along they were oblivious to the ruckus they were making outside.

The staff who were outside ran fast to the castle seeking for shelter because of the heavy rain that was pouring outside and the strong winds that was carrying everything in its way.

Everyone who was working in the castle knew it was the siblings fault, every time something like this happened is when the duo were in a heated argument and nobody could stop them.

Renèe and Nikolj are known to be half fae and vampire. They had managed to be blessed by mother nature the power to control the four elements on earth. While Nikolj could control air and water, Renèe could control fire and the nature. They were not only gifted that but they were also given the special gifts that vampires are given if they are royalties. Renèe was given the gift of sight while Nikolj could steal anyones appearance and memories.

”That woman left us centuries ago, why are you so hell bent on finding her when she left you at birth? ” Nikolj asked her angrily destroying of his sisters things blinded by anger.

”Because, she gave birth to another child 20years ago Nik. I wanted to see my little sister. ” Renèe finally gave out the secret she was holding for long, clutching her chest as she remembered the angelic face of her sister.

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