In the dark with the grays and blacks

I feel pushed back, trapped

Im pinned against the walls as they are closing in

The calls I make for you grow weary as my fears along with my tears increase

I yell, Please Help, Oh Please!

And even though you
e near me you don hear me

No, no, no, NO.

You choose not to,

Though theres nothing to lose

You go by and deny the thing you made and betrayed

See when I tell you these things and ask for help,

You roll your eyes like dice and as if you were made of ice tell me to,

”Get over it! ”

Don youve think I have **ing tried?

Or do you think all I have done is lied?

Hey, did I tell you I kind of have a wish to die and thats no lie


Nah be you and pay it no mind,

Just leave it behind…

I have no such hope,

I should just get the rope

With these distraught thoughts,

Just maybe my grays and blacks will end and I will mend if I go to where its bright

There they call it the light

Maybe its my only release

For it will bring me the ease to finally

”Get over it! ”

Angelina Swan is her given name. She is 15 years of age and lives in Daegu, South Korea, with her loved ones. Her folks, her more youthful sister, and her more younger sibling. Daegu Public Secondary School understudy Angelina Swan succeeded scholastically. Her review abilities, creative ability, and cutthroat abilities to compose were undeniably commended by every last bit of her instructors.

She has a truly warm, inviting, and sympathetic nature. She was a given person whose joy was focused on her loved ones. Notwithstanding, she was neither generally viewed as a heavenly messenger nor as a delightful swan. Notwithstanding, she kept on covering her frailties underneath her amazing smile.

Everybody loved her as the palaces sovereign, yet nobody knew about her hardships to get to the position. She was the young lady that artists during the 1950s used to portray; maybe to this end the 21st century didn acknowledge her. didn manage her sentiments, needs, or thoughts.

In spite of the fact that Angelina has various companions, she doesn have a closest companion. She wanted a nearby mate who might pay attention to every last bit of her interests and questions. She just requested that God award her that one explicit solicitation. Everybody considered her to be Cinderella, however she viewed herself as just a skave.

She was the one that revered unnecessarily significant yet could never recieve the love, how she treasured. She will persistently be open in the time, it is conceivable that it might be someone kept up with that a shoulder ought to cry on or someone requiring Birthday wishes or anything. She will be there smiling and influence them to feel worth the work while when its her case. Time runs from everyones watches. They will not show up, excuse, make her vibe left wrapped up. However, she will not at any point fuss. She basically accepted God ought to lean toward her with a sidekick that she could consistently cherish. Who will love her the same way she is used to esteem, Accepted. Where there is no given take, no dealing. Its essentially her and that outstanding one whp licenses her to act normally when they are together.

Given that she understand that friendship need will prompts lots of trails…

Everybody moves toward her in class as a result of her capacities, yet not on the grounds that she is herself. She was wanting that. Her spirit longed for somebody who might go to bat for her rather than somebody who might bomb her.

While sitting miserable she will examine that Is her desire to lay out a companion is a ton to ask? Individuals will use her reliably and a short time later left her. Don they feel repentant? Don they feel lament for what they did? The damage they had done to her. Exactly when all she wanted was to Acknowledged, to outflank the impression of gloom. Be that as it may, this made her vibe hurt fundamentally more. She hoped everything would work out for people will see her as, not her capacities, just Her.

Monday brings back the beginning of the school week and Angelinas test day. For course audit, Angelina started off right on time and played out her wake-up routines. Subsequent to completing her dinner, she

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