lost in the after life

chapter 1:frozen land

Georgias POV

”miss Foster ” I look up and see one of my colleagues Elizabeth talking to me and I reply ”yes ”and she continues ”the chairman is calling you to his office now its very important ”

i groan I hate working the only reason Im here is because I need it for my course in business I want to make sure the board of directors has no reason to turn down my resume Elizabeth snaps and fingers in front of me and I smile as you sorry I push my chair back and walk to the chairmans office and knock and I hear a deep voice ”come in ”

I enter I see Christian grinning ”sheepishly ” and he says ”hello bestie ” Christian has been my best friend since diaper days our families are really close I don know what I would do without him and I reply ” let me guess you
e bored and in my positive energy in your life ” and he shrugs and says ” humble much ” I laugh and say ” why didn you tell me you were back from Italy ” and he says ”I wanted to surprise you ” and I change the topic and Sit down across from him ” Disney asked me to be his girlfriend ”

I blurted out and he says ” desire is his name not Disney isn he the one that is trying too hard what did you say don tell me you broke his little heart ”and I say ” I said yes you know I hate being cornered and being mean to people ”

he says and ”how is that working out for you ”and I say ” idiot Im going back to my desk bye loser ” and he says ” bye Bitch ” and I smile and out of his office back to my desk.


People have started leaving the building I start packing up my desk and see my best friend Phoebe walking out of a Rolls-Royce and into the office and I say ”way to make a grand entrance ”and she laughs and says ”I have to ,how will I impress my number one fan, you and I say ” I think is the other way round you jadore me ” and she says ” is that your attempt at speaking french anyway is what is going down on your birthday ” and I say ”nothing Im just going to Netflix and chill ” and she says ”not this year ” I just ignore her I walk out of the building and into her car and i put my headphones in and she says while entering the car ”bitch much ” and I say ”you love this bitch ” she replies ”you wish ”

I see Christian running out of the building Shouting ”don forget me ” and Phoebe says ”that idiot ” and Christian enters the car and says ” hi darlings ” Phoebe and i say in unison ”** off ”and he cries out ”you
e so mean ” we ignore him and start talking about my birthday again

Phoebe shouts ”I have an idea lets go ice skating I hear theres a place with frozen ice in the east of the state not that far we go there enjoy ourselves come back and Netflix and chill ” and I say ”thats actually not a bad idea ” she smiles ” good pick you up tomorrow bestie what about you young ” and Christian frowns ”its not like you guys care about my opinion ” and Phoebe gives him an Innocent smile ” thats right we don ”

Phoebe stops in front of my house and I tell them goodbye and go to my room Im flop on my bed and go on Instagram and I see a post from Aiden anderson Alex Andersons father it is the one-year anniversary of his son being in a coma sad its already been a year

axel was and still is the heartthrob of many ladies his the kind of man a father would want her daughter to marry he has the brains, kindness, wealth and the looks but he had been so reckless on the day he had the bike accident I switch off my phone th

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