lost in the after life

chapter 1:frozen land

is has been enough bad news for a day I brush my teeth and sleep off


I wake up to my phone buzzing with happy birthday messages for my family and friends I see Taylor calling me and I answer it and he says ” happy happy happy birthday to my beautiful sister ” and I laugh and say ” thanks little bro ”

he says ” Phoebe told me what she has planned for your birthday Im so sorry I can make it she told me last minute ” I sigh and say ”its fine at least you had acknowledge my birthday apparently the Secretary knows the day I was born more than the parents ”

he laughs and says ”bye enjoy your day ”and i cut the call taylor is my younger brother and last child of the foster family although he still in middle School he has a smart mouth I get off of my bed and stroll to my closet and bring out a white crop top with off shoulder and the highways Jean with a few cuts on the side

I lay them on my bed and have my shower after that I wear it and text Phoebe to come and pick me up after half an hour or so I see her in front of my house and I run downstairs panting when I reach down what Im no athlete, I swing the door open just for Phoebe to tackle me to the ground ”my bestie is finally 18 after all these months being born in September sucks ” and I cry out

”Phoebe get off me Im dying ” she looks at me and says ” stop being so dramatic ”then she gets up for me ” there was no way you could have died ” and I say ” is it a crime to value my life ”she shrugs ”anyway Christian is carrying his own car and meeting us there ” and I say ” fine by me ”

we walk out of the house and enter into the car and Phoebe start driving at high speed ”I think my intestines are coming out ”she frowns at me ”Im not driving that fast today ”.

After two hours or so we reach the place and see Christian already waiting for us ”what took you guys so long I got here like 30 minutes ago ”and I look at him in horror ”how fast were you driving ” and he replied with a murmur ” not that fast ”we head to the counter we pay and collect the ice skating shoes I think thats what I called

we start skating we have been at it for an hour or so and suddenly I feel the ice under my feet give out and I fall into the freezing water I can freaking swimming is this where I die I slowly close my eyes to the voice of Christian shouting and looking for me and I hear splash and blackout

Christians pov

They Rush Georgia to the hospital Im so scared what if she dies or never wakes up and I see Phoebe sitting down in the waiting room looking as worried as me ”its all my fault ” she repeats herself and I say ” its not my fault you didn know she was going to drown,

”its okay ” I reassure her a and pull her close to me and I hear someone barge in and see Harmony and Taylor looking worried to death and they approach us and harmony matches right up to me

she says ”what did you do to my sister ”and I said to her ” harmony calm down ” and she says ”oh shut up bonehead you have a lot of explaining to do ”I tell her everything she just drops on the ground and says ” I hope shell be okay I want her to be alive ”

the doctor walks out ”who is here for Georgia Foster ”harmony rushes up to him and says me ” Im her sister ” he looks at her confused she says ”Im adopted is she going to be okay ” and he says ” we are sorry shes in a coma we don know for how long ” and harmony falls on the ground and starts crying.

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