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Back in Time

”At the beginning, there was only emptiness here, there was only me.

So I decided to create my first creations, two siblings, Nayl and Sunset.

At the beginning, nothing was happening, it was rather boring, the two of them just looking at the emptiness looking for a reason to exist.

I then created two friends for them, Aqualo an angel, and Orkashy a demon. I gave each of them powers and left them unattended as they seemed to get along well. ”


We still don know why we have powers or how we endeed up here in the first place, it was empty so what was the point of this place ?

We had some time to figure it out, we trained to be able to master our powers, years laters Nayl endeed up creating the very first world, than a few days later Orkashy endeed up coming with the plan of creating a world that could contain all the inperfections.

It would bring balance, so he created that world with the help of Aqualo, i only watched, as their plan did work out in the end. I was nophing but the shadow of my brother Nayl.

Or rather the shadow of the Creator…

He didn even notice i was aware of what was going on…

Believe it or not but few years ago people started to come, and some of them, seven to be exact created worlds, the first ones after the world Orkashy created were two opposites worlds.

Nayl named his world Itokary,

Orkashy and Aqualos world was named the Orignal world, who knows why.

The two world that came afters that were named the mirroir world before actually being named to, Asoukokay the dark world, soon to be home to a specie called ”Demons ” and Laykhénar the light world the soon to be the home of a specie called ”Angels ” or that what THEY said. Could we really believe them ?

Anyway, it actually endeed up being true, how creazy is that ? Soon other world were created there was one named Roselia, than a world named Okitale was created after it go destroyed an world named Akatary was created in the hope that i would restore the balance and Aqualo created one called ”The refuge ” for the people who lived in Okitake, but it was never consider as a real world by anyone not even the Creator.

Than a few others worlds were created like, Colika or Shaykora.

They were 9 creators in total, Nayl created two, but i indeed up even to manage one of his world, let me tell you it was no fun at all.

I didn talk about it and sould probably not… but one day, when there were only four worlds, Nayl, found a book in a forest, what it was doing here ? no idea all we know was that the Creator wrote it.

It gave us a lot of informations some we were not supposed to see, some things didn make any sense…

But that was probably because the book was never finish. Is the Creator lazy or somephing ?

Nayl keep the book for himself, showed it to Orkashy and Aqualo who decide to make some type of powers orbs or somephing to maintain the balance since it was starting to break, they each gave up some of there power for that, but the balance was restored.

Few years later, i became jalous… so jalous, Nayl started to write inside the unfinish book, he was finishing it in some way, he never let me do it tho… he didn trust me enough i guess, so i endeed up stealing the book form him the best part must be that the Creator endeed respondoing to me, i don know how it was possible but i didn care.

This is when i knew, that this book was my only escape, i could becore more than a shadow, i had to get rib of my brother of course but it was so worth it. I even got to kick my very own Creator form his creation i was now in controle. Finally… i was more than a shadow, finamly people were seeing me for who i am.

I was the one the Creator was afraid of, i was his opposite i was His shadow… I will ruin everyphing he ever created, destroy it all and redo everyphing and do it better than Him,

and nophing could stop me now.

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