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The Creator

Lets go back in time a little bit, lets watch together how it all came to this very weird situation where creation turned agains its own creator.

Lets go back in time and look at how we arrived at this very strange situation where creation turned against its own creator.

It all began when the different species that populate this universe today began to appear in their respective worlds, a hierarchy was quickly established. Until then all was well, but the moment the world of Okitale was created everything fell apart.

Thats when we realised that the balance we had created was anything but stable, the slightest major change would throw everything out of whack, so something as big as a world that wasn supposed to be able to exist really upset the balance between the other worlds.

Thats where they comes in, the one whose name no one dares to mention, the one who started the endless loop that our universe would become, we link them with the numbers 17 and 7, mainly because thats where we see them do most of their destructive magic.

Their name? Its Quaysho Hushiro

The one who was supposed to complete the element of destruction and creation, a being who should have been totally neutral but is not.

We don know much about them, they do not shown themself a lot, its actually very rare to see them in person, legends say that their are currently traped outside of our univers, no one know if its true or if thats even possible.

The better question to ask here would be, ”Do this univers even have rules ? ” And yes it does. You might be asking, ”So what are the rules ? ” We for a fact do not know, nobody knows the rules of this univers, well im pretry sure the Creator knows but we can see or hear him, we can not comunicate with him.

A second question would be ”Why was Okitale considerated has a world that would have never existed when we don know whats possible or whats not ? ”

The answer is, we don know for sure, but when the world started to lose itself in time, we started to think that this, this was cleary not possible, how could that world have a different way to deal with time when all the others shared the same ?

But thats when i remember, the original world didn even had any time systeme, it was a frozen world, outside of time, who know whats hidden there ?

But than again the original world is everyphing but a normal world to us, its only purpose is to contain everyphing our univers doesn want anymore, what kind of world is that ?

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