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The Begining

Itokary is the first world to ever exist, it was the first one to have a story what was it ? Well let me tell you.

The world was the first one and its the biggest one of them all, across seas;forest and even mountains this world saw life spread and build up.

The people were guided by the creator of the world Nayl, he wasn seen as a god but he was respected seen as a ruler even though there was no hiarchie yet.

When one came into place Nayl stayed in top of it, he was just not as present as before and not a lot of things happend in that world it was a very simple one.

Thats when the Original world comes in, it was created to keep the balance of the universe intact it was very fragile no one knows why. When the mirrors world came into being the balance was saved by the Original world, the mirrors worlds just appared out of nowhere.

No one knows who created them and why they were two lifeless worlds at first, they were the opposite of each other thus the nickname of mirrors worlds the name that they were given was ”Asoukokay ” and ”Laykhénar ”.

And than a species we later called ”Angels ” started to come in into the world of Laykhénar it was weird at first but the worlds creators remembered that they were not the only ones with the power of creating, it was for sure the work of The Creator.

But than somephing happend… an other species that we called ”Demons ” also started to appare but instead of being inside the world of Asoukokay like we asumed they would they were send in the Original world.

It scared the two creators of the original world for sure, but was surely a mistake, no life sould of been inside that world of errors and destruction and yet here we were. The two tried their best to help them but they could do nophing agains the power of The Creator but he must of seen his mistake because those demons were given the power to travel between worlds and univers.

The angels got those power two and us worlds creators two, in the end the demons endend up free because one of them realise what they could do and lead them to their real home the world of Asoukokay.

Than the world of Roselia shown up bringing in the universe even more new species but… nobody remembers the story behind it, it was like it never ever existed.

And other came after that it was named Okitale, home to those who were forgotten and home to the first hybrides this universe was getting more and more complicated and when that world destroy itself Nayl created the world of Ikoshy for the people who lived in Okitale and others world got created after.

Anyway were not here to talk about that, lets talk about the story of those worlds and why not start with the one that started all of this madness. Okitale the world that was lost in time and one that shouldn have existed or so it was demeed that way.

In that world a war between two species accured humains with the power to controle magic that we called mages and what they called ”Non-Humains ” people who were half humain half animal not in way were their body were half of each, They only had animal features. We called them Tarkosos which basically mean ”Humain beast ” in Halousika.

We found their war stupid, but nophing could be done with had no righ to temper with the worlds and how their story would turn out so we had no choice but watch has this world slowly destroyed itself. It became corrompted because of how the people went agains the world purpose it was supposed to be a happy story.

They went agains their own story and here they were in a now corrompted world they could only blame themself, they tried to fix it at some point after the war was over but it was far to late there is no going back there is no forgiving and forgetting remember ?

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