the new Percy Jackson

chapter 3: camp

(the seven I skipped because no one wants to read about a baby wanting to crawl around and drink milk)

(and btw this is what I will be used as signs,


”talking ”

-time skip-

()my note or something I didn mention

wanted to let you guys know).

Alice was the name our MC, after the exchange with the god he was reincarnated as a girl.

i should have wished to be a guy Alice thought.

”Alice, dear can you please help me with the plates, ” Sally said.

”Yes, mom ” Alice then went to help sally with dinner.

percy has already been getting us kicked of school and Ill have to start training now, I thought.

the first thing Alice bought from the shop was the sharingan, then she will get the Mangekyou later.

When everyone finished eating Alice went back into her room and looked at the store.

Yoruichi sword: 500

Id create( creates an alternate reality devoid of life where you can train.) 500,000

System buys both items Alice said.

As the information went through her head on how to create and use both of the items went to her head.

As she finally understands how to use both items she decided to use (id create) to enter her alternate dimension to train her way with a sword.

-Timeskip by dio-(5 years)

During those 5 years, a lot has happened Alice had fully mastered her Sharingan and Yorrichis breath of the sun.

She also used her store ability to buy medical ninjutsu from naruto, and she also started to teach Percy how to use swords.

Today was the day when we went to the history museum field trip, and we left on the bus and we got off.

”Percy be careful of miss Dodds and pay attention around you, ”Alice told Percy.

Percy already knew to trust Alices instinct because it saved both him and her (just him) a lot of times so when she tells him something is wrong hell trusted her with his life.

Then they walked up to the tablet ( i forgot what this was) and ”Mr. Brunner ” asked Alice

”Alice do you know what this tablet means, ”Mr. Brunner asked

”Yes Mr. Brunner, it represents the titan king ate his kids because he was paranoid that he will get killed the same way he killed his father. but Zeus gave him wine mixed with mustard and Kronos spit up his kids and it lead to a war which ended with the gods winning ” I replied as she studied the tablet.

Everyone started to look at her a little weird (except Percy Miss Doods and Mr. Brunner).

When Alice Finally looked at everyone that looked at her weirdly and said, ” what I can study when I want to. ”

”on that happy note lets go outside to eat lunch, ” Chiron said.

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