the new Percy Jackson

chapter 4:demon slayer

Percy and Alice were eating their lunch when a red hairy girl tried to drop her lunch onto Percys lap but instead, Alice caught it and smeared the peanut butter ketchup sandwich on her face.

”now honey, ” said a voice from behind her. (3 guesses who that is).

”yes, maam ” replied Alice.

”Follow me, ” miss Dodds said.

”Alright, Percy come on, ” Alice said.

miss Dodds was already halfway up the stairs when Alice and Percy started walking towards the museum.

”Percy whatever you see believe it because our lives are going to get messed up now, ” Alice said and looked at Percy.

Percy just nodded his head although he was slow at times but the tone his sister used made it clear it wasn up for debate.

as Percy and Alice entered the room you can hear miss Dodds say, ”where is it ”.

Alice said, ” my candy that I sold. ”

miss Dodds said, ” you thought you can hide from me. ” and at that miss, Dodds changed her form to the fury and charged at Alice, but Mr. Brunner came in the room and said, ” Alice catch. ”

Alice caught riptide and decapitated the fury .then it was as if Mr. Brunner was never there.

Percy started freaking out and started panicking so Alice just walked up to him and smacked his cheek and said ”calm down Percy and wake up ”.

as soon as Percy heard her voice he seemed to wake up from the shock of miss Dodds.

”When we get home we
e gonna tell mom whats happening and we are going to have to play along, and we
e going to do as she said. ”

Percy looked uncertain but he listen to what she had to say.

-time-skip by Kronos-(bus)

Percy, Grover, and Alice boarded the bus and they drove for like 4 minutes and the bus suddenly stops.

”Alright everyone off the bus while I fix it, ” said the bus driver.

as Alice and Percy got off the bus Alice looked at the fruit stand to see 3 old ladies with yarn scissors and a sock.

”Percy ill be right back ” as she started walking towards the fates.

as she got in front of the fates they looked at her curiously and said. ” who are you. ”

”don worry about me Im not going to do anything to mess up your guys future but there are some things I will change though, ” Alice said.

the fates just stared at her as if evaluating her in the end they decided to leave it alone and let them continue home.

when they got home they saw a mess so Alice look Gabe dead in the eye when he looked at her and activated a genjustu and said, ”clean this mess up and you two leave. ”

needless to say, Gabe got to cleaning and his friends left quickly.

when Alice was alone in her room she decided to test out the world feature.


2 demon slayer



5:akame ga kill…

there were lots of worlds but she stop after seeing the first 5.

she clicked on demon slayer and it said ”pick a time you will like to go to ”.

”10 minutes before Kanaes death ” replied Alice.



Alice felt her feet feel weightless for a couple of seconds and then felt the tough ground and looked around.

she was in a forest and she looked around for her target when she saw purple hair in the corner of her eye and started to go to it.

she sees Shinobu crying over her dying sister. but she continue to walk towards them.

Shinobus head snapped towards the place where she heard footsteps only to see a beautiful girl in weird clothes.

”Sorry Im late I came to help, ” Alice said.

”help with what can you see my sisters dying, ” Shinobu said while still having tears in her eyes.

”I know thats why I came now can you scoot over so I can help, ” Alice said

Shinobu looked cautiously at the woman.

Alice started to use medical ninjutsu to heal kanaes injuries and the effect was instant, kanaes injuries were healing faster than the eye can see.

after about 30 seconds Alice finished healing her.

”w-what was that, ”Shinobu asked as if she had seen a ghost.

”healing but just so you know this isn for free you know, ” I said looking at her.

Shinobu got scared as she heard that she was ganna owe someone, but at that moment Kanae woke up. Shinobu ran to her sister and hugged her.

”w-what I thought I was dead, ” Kanae said as she looked up to see a girl in front of her.

”as touching as this is Im going to have to collect my debt right now, ”Alice said.

Kanae looked confused while Shinobu looked pale and turned around. ”w-what are you going to want ” Shinobu said.

Alice didn say anything as she walked towards her and looked at Shinobu. then she places her fingers underneath shinobus chin.

”wh- ” Shinobu didnt get the chance to finish her sentence before I cut her off

”from now on your mine, ” I said looking deep in her eyes.

Shinobu was so shocked that she did not register what was happening right now.

Alice pulled back and said, ”now that you paid the debt, I will be seeing you later in the future ”.


to be continued

yeah this chapter was still ass.

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