the new Percy Jackson

chapter 6: camp half blood

(im going to be using I instead of her because it will be more of a hastle).

when i got back to my room i immediately got some clothes and took a shower and then to hear bed and went to sleep.

when she woke up she walked to the restroom to brush her teeth and do daily necessities.

when she finished she went outside were she seen percy and sally sitting there eating blue pancakes, she went towards the chair and sat down.

”mom ”i said.

”yes alice ” sally said.

”the underworld knows were here ”i said as i look in her eyes.

sally got a worried look in her eye as she said that.then she calmed down and looked at percy.

”do we have any time left or do we need to go immediately ”sally said.

”leave were ” percy said as oblivious as always.

”im going to have to take you were your father always wanted me to take you when you were born ”sally said.

”well were going to be going now because theres alot of things that the three sisters need to happen so we will leave now. ”i said

sally looked at me confused but i already got up and looked at gabe and he looked me in the eyes.

i put him in a genjustu and said, ” i want this house clean when i got back. ” in no time gabe got up and started cleaning the house.

”how did you do that ”percy said as he looked in awe while sally had a confused face.

”one day percy you will understand but today is not that day. ”i said as we got into the car.

”percy remember me making you learn greek mythology and sword fighting ” i said as i looked over to percy.

”im sorry you WHAT ” yelled sally.

”he was going learn it anyways and mom your going to need to floor it somethings coming and it isn my addiction to anime ” i said the last part in a hurried tone.

”do you know whats coming after us ” yelled percy.

”i cannot say the name, names have power percy, but its Pasiphae son ” i said as i continued to look out the back of the car.

”the min- ” percy began but before he said the full name.

”what did i just say, if you say there name thats practically you summoning the creature or entity. ”i said as i looked around only to see an axe hurdling towards us.

so what did i do to save us nothing because at that moment lightning hit the car and me,mom and percy had to deal with a flipping of a car.

once the car stoped flipping i immediately looked over at percy and sally to see them still getting there bearings.

i looked behind us and kicked the window and it broke, i pulled out my sword and grabbed percy and dragged him out and gave the sword to him.

”keep him busy while i get mom ”i said as i got back into the car to get her out.

”percy take mom to the tree on the hill and give me my damn sword ” i said as i grabbed my sword.

when i turned around there he was with biceps that looked like he was on steriods and legs that looked like he never skipped leg day.

i didnt wait any longer i activated my sharigan and charged. i could read and predict his movements so i did what any good Samaritan would do i got onto his back and wrapped my hands on his horn and ripped it off.

after he roared i quickly did the same to the other horn he had essentially leaveing him horn less after that i grabbed my sword and and cut his head off and turned off my sharigan.

when i went to the tree i seen percy there kneeling and crying as he looked at the floor.

”what happened percy ” i said as i took a closer look at him.

”shes gone… disappeared in golden light ”.percy said.

”if she disappeared the way you say that means shes not dead, that means she was taken, now get up were tired. ”i said as i dragged percy passed the boundary line.

percy and i were looking around and you can smell the strawberries a mile a way.

”come on follow me ” as i dragged percy towards the ”big house ”.

when i got there i forced me and percy to start losing our conscience as the blonde hair and a man in a wheel chair came up.

”its them ”said the blonde, ”it has to be ”.

”hush child they are still awake ” he said as we both fade into unconscious.


sorry for being late school is a bother and if you saying ”oh she could have taken out the minotaur easily ” keep in mind she needs to keep her ability under wraps and cant expose unnecessary ability she will still use her world travel ability though.

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