the new Percy Jackson

chapter 7 im back

when i got up from the hospital bed i looked around to see percy still asleep and annabeth looking over at percy.

”so are you interested in my brother or something ” i said.

her head snapped towards me and, ” do you know what was taken ”she said as fast as she looked over at the door,before i could answer not that i was the door open.

argus the one hundred eyed guy came in and he looked at annabeth.seeing nothing i went back to sleep because sleep is awesome.

i Finally woke up when i heard percy started moving on his bed. when i got up and looked over at percy drinking nectar with grover helping him off his bed.

when i got up and off the bed, thats when they Finally notice me.

”since when were you up ”percy said as he looked over in confusion.

”i woke up hours ago but everyone was being a drag so loud and annoying but hey on the bright side you had a cute girl on your bedside, lucky you ”i said as i looked up as if fantasizing about something.

”well besides that we need to get you guys up to go see mr D. ” grover said as he headed to the door.

when we arrived we can see chiron and dionysus were play (i forgot the name).

”mr brunner ”percy said.

”chiron actually percy ”i said as i looked over at him. ”the one next to him is dionysus god of wine,insanity,and other stuff. ”

”oh and how would you know that ”chiron said as he had a warm smile.

”you have a friendly aura around you will dionysus is purple not hard to make out. ”i said as i gave them another look.

”since when did you see aura ”percy said as he looked at me.

i tilted my head and said, ”always have thats why i always told you not to hang around certain people. ”

when she said almost everybodys eyes locked on to her.

”you guys do know i like girls right stop staring ”i said as i rolled my eyes.

when i said that everyone started talking again.(nothing interesting just talking about the camp and stuff like that).

”with that we should start the tour ” chiron said as he turned into his horse form and started walking.

percy and i followed him on the side because you never trust a horse friendly or not.

when we passed by the campfire you can see a girl poking the fire. she looked around 8-9 with red hair and she just had the vibe of a caring mother.

i poked percy ” thats my favorite goddess,shes one of the most peaceful and kindest one you will ever meet. ” when i finished talking i pointed towards the campfire.

percy looked confused when he looked at the took him about 20 second to Finally understand who she was.

”i guess those time teaching you about the gods were worth it huh percy. ” i said as i looked over at percy whose face was held agape.

”indeed alice, but when did you find out about being a demigod. ” chiron said as he held his beard.

”i found out when i was 6 i seen a cyclops at our kindergarten so i was curious and looked into it and found out about this world shortly after that i could start seeing aura ” i said.

when we finished talking i looked over at hestia and she looked over at me and i swear you would give anything just to have her continue smiling.

when we finished walking we seen annabeth walking towards us. she looked the same with her blond hair and grey eyes. i would give her a 7/10 if her personality wasn so stuck up.

”right on time annabeth,can you show them around camp i have archery practice. ” chiron said as he left towards the archery feild.

——timeskip ( quest) (the camp really nothing interesting happened just some side things also alice told percy don trust luke. he doesn get as close as in canon).

when percy got back from the Oracle he looked visually pale and shaken.

”well what was the prophecy my boy. ” chiron said.

percy looked at me and said, ”

You shall go west, and face the god who has turned,

You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned,

you shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend,

and you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end ”

”well that gives us a clue on who has the bolt ” chiron said.

”what does ”percy said.

”think about it percy if your fathers fighting zues who is left to gain. ”chiron said.

”ares ”i said as i Finally looked up.

”hades alice the only god whos domain is in the west. ”chiron said as he looked over at me.

”anyways Percy since you don have a proper weapon here u can have mine ”I said as I pulled off my bracelet to reveal my sword ”if you run into werewolfs just tap the sword twice and it will turn into silver. ”

Percy stared at me in awe while chiron looked suspicious.when I looked over at chiron looking at me like that I did the only thing I could do.

”what even gods gotta pay child support sometime ” I said, ”anyways Percy on the quest don trust no one unless its hestia or Artemis ”

”why not other gods ”chiron said intrigued.

”because if myths are right at least Artemis will kill you when she doesn like you but the other gods will result in backstabbing or go b hind your back. ”I said as I heard thunder in the background.

chiron looked worried and Percy was really taking my words into account,but Dionysus was at a ”meeting ” of the gods.

”anyways Percy you need to get ready for your quest and keep your guard up ”I said.

”but anyways Im going back to the house iris message me and Percy if you need me put water on your mark and if you get back and Im not there then I got a new apartment. ”I said as I began to walk towards the door. ”

”you do know you need the directors permission to leave camp right. ” chiron said as he looked towards me.

I looked back towards him and said ”come with me ”when I said that I went towards the campire we
e a couple kids were here. when I got there I could see the person I was looking for.

”lady hestia my favorite goddess may I please have permission to got back to my home when my brother goes on his quest ”I said as I took a bow.

(during the weeks that she was at camp she talked to hestia all the time and teaching kids how to weld swords because she beat Luke quickly.)

all she did was smile and nodded her head and I had to admit it was cute so I did the the only thing you should do to lolis I pay her head.wheni started pating her head the fire turned pink for a couple of seconds.

”when I get my apartment your always welcome to come and visit anytime okay ”I said as I removed my hand.

chiron just shook his head and finally stop pursuing the matter and turned towards Percy and said ”you still need to choose two companions ”he said.

”annabeth and grover he said.

”with that do you have another weapon that I could use ”I said as I looked up towards him. chiron just sighed and pulled a ”pen ” and gave it to me.

”this sword has a long and tragic history be sure to use it against monsters only harm a human if you have to ” chiron said as her gave me the pen.

”alright we should be doing what we need to do Percy get ready make sure you keep money on you and your supplies don put them down. ” I said.

me and Percy headed to out cabin and I decided to tell him ” Percy if ares gives you something I want you to promise you will call me immediately. ”

” I promise ”said Percy as he nodded his head.

” and Percy Im going to get an apartment for my girlfriend and her sister so you and mom are welcome to come and live with us Im going to get a 5 room house or apartment. ”I said as I looked over at him.

” we
e did you get that kind of money. ”Percy asked as if he was dying to know.

” stock market little brother I have millions of dollars but I didn use it till now. ” I said.

Percy looked not totally convinced but went with it.

and with that we walked towards the hill and headed towards the vans that were there.and we partied ways.

-timeskip- (after the house buying)

so buying a house is not that difficult when I can control the mist to change how you look like.

I bout a 5 bedroom and 2 bathroom house with a fireplace and its not that far from camp half blood.

then I thought it was time to finally go and talk with my girlfriend and with that I teleported into demon slayer.


sorry for it being a little delayed had to deal with family issues and school but hope you enjoyed it and Ill post part 7 later

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