(btw when Alice goes to a different world it will start from the beginning and for plot sake shes going to have to be the same age as everyone.)

When I appeared behind I seen him look around and grab onto ”his ” bracelet and started looking around.

”What wrong Percy ” Annabeth said as she reach for her knife.

While Percy was looking I was wearing an anbu mask(from Naruto) on a branch with my Sharingan activated and looked at him.

It was at this moment that he locked eyes with me.He pulled of my bracelet and out came out my sword as he began to get into a stance ready for battle.

”Who are you ”he said as Annabeth pulled out her knife.

I didn say anything as reached into my pocket and pulled out riptide and began to walk towards them.

When I started walking Percy got ready to engage into combat. When I went to attack Percy was defending. His sword work got a little better than last time but it was no where near my level.

Annabeth got into the fight, the fight wasn hard with Percy but Annabeth has trained for years and she was pretty good.

I decided to end it and grabbed Percys sword arm and twisted Annabeths knife out of her hand.

I put my sword at Percys neck and said, ”you got better, ” then I removed my sword from his neck and said, ”but you are still need practice. ”And with that I removed my mask.

Percy looked shocked and began to look at me then from my mask. He finally snapped out of it and began to sit down.

”Alright so what happened so far and why are we in a forest. ”I said as I began to look around.

Percy began explaining how they got off near the house and how they were on a bus when the ”three old grandmas ” attacked them.

”Did they say anything when they attacked you ”I looked like I was thinking about something important.I already know but that would be suspicious.

”Yeah now that you mentioned it they kept saying ”we
e is it ”. ”Annabeth said.

e is it,huh, now if you think about it why would they be asking that.If they work for hades and hades has the bolt,which I already doubt cuz a war would kill alot of people and I already imagine his realm backed up with souls.

”Man that would be such a drag to deal with all that man Im surprised if that man still had any riches anymore,but anyways why would hades ask them to ask us for something.It just doesn add up. ”I said as I began to pace around.

Annabeth look at me with a shocked expression while Percy was thinking about what I said.

”Anyways lets go we need to head west. ”I said as I began walking west. when we started walking for a few minutes and when we seen a sign.

”What does that say ” said Percy.

”I don know ”Annabeth said.

”Auntys Ems emporium garden ”I said as I began walking.

”How can you read that. ” Annabeth said.

”When we enter I need you guys to trust me and put faith in me so if I tell you to do something do it. ”I said as I knock on the door.

”Okay ” Percy happily agreed because he trust his sister.Annabeth just stayed silent and nodded her head.

When we got close Percy knocked on the door and it went like canon.When we sat down Medusa turned around and I looked at her for a second.

”Close your eyes. ”I whispered to the two.The two immediately closed there eyes.

”Can I asked you a question,Aunty Em. ”I said as I looked at her eyes.

”Go ahead, dear, ”she said.

”Did you give him consent or was it forced. ”I said as I look at her waist and then back to her eyes.

Medusa didn get it at first but when she did she immediately went to undo the cloth wrapped around her head.

”Easy I heard stories about it and it was either trust Athena or get the truth from the person that was there.And you know what they say they winner always tells the story ”I said as I grabbed her hands stopping her from removing the cloth.

She continued to struggle a bit before she calm down. ”Now that your calm can I trust you not to turn us to stone. ” I said as she gave me a nod.

”Alright sit down so I can hear your side of the story and Percy and Annabeth you can open your eyes. ” I said as I looked over at the two as they open there eyes but Annabeths eyes were fearful as she new who this was.

”Alright so can you tell me now that we
e all calm and collected,was it forced or did you say say yes he could do it. ” I said as I looked at her.

She stayed quiet for a minute and whispered ”forced ”.

”Can you swear on the Styx that what you said is true.If it turns out it was true I will remove the curse she put on you. ”I said.

”You can do that ”Annabeth said as she looked at me like I was crazy.

”Almost all the gods are ego maniacs that will do the extreme. They will ****,kill, and forget all about it.At least lady Artimis she usually only does it to males who are bad.Hestia is a prime example of what a goddess should be.

speaking of hestia I still haven sacrificed to her for a while. ” I said as I begin to move wood into the corner and got paper and burnt it at the logs and grabbed my food and said ” for lady hestia ”.

The warmth passed by me and made me smile. ”your always welcome to my house whenever you feel like it. ”

I looked back at the trio who gave me a weird look ” What Hestia and Artimis are the best goddess. I would give my life for hestia any day of the week.if Artimis needed a favor or something Id do it but any other god,nah ”.

I took my seat and looked at Medusa and said ” Are you going to swear or would you like to not. ”

Medusa than looked up at the sky and said, ” I swear on the river Styx that I was forced into it the day in Athenas temple ”.

Thunder could be heard and after a few seconds nothing happened so I decided that what she said was true.

”Alright I confirmed what I needed to know. Can you come her Medusa and bend down a little. ” I said as I was still a little to short to reach her forehead.(mc is about 54).

Medusa bent down and I put my hands behind her head and brought my forehead towards hers and activated curse removal.

I felt the ties that connected her to Athenas curse and severed the connection between the two.

When I removed my head from hers It took a little while but there was a bright light and you could see it cover Medusa and when the lighted died down Medusa was there with long white hair.

When her eyes open she looked at herself and started tearing up.Then she looked at me and hugged me.I smiled and hugged her back.

”Anyways we need to rest we have a quest Ill come back in the morning I still need to check up on the house oh and Percy before I forget, let me see you shoulder. ” I said as I pulled the ink out of my ”pocket ” (aka inventory).

Percy didn hesitate and pulled down his shirt to reveal his shoulder.I wasted no time and began to draw the seal so he could enter the house.

”Thats so you could enter the house but anyways Ill come back in the morning. ”I said as I began to walk out the door.

”you can leave right now its dark ” Annabeth said.

”Im leaving but before I do heres 500$ to get you guys on a train and stuff ”I said as I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet and gave them five 100$ bills.

With that I walked out into the forest and activated Obitos Sharingan and teleport into the living room.

I went onto the couch and sat down And went to went to sleep.

When I woke up and looked at the time it said it was 6:00 so I got up and started to make breakfast.

Around 6:40 I heard footsteps in the hallway, so I looked over at the person who is coming and seen it was Shinobu.

”morning babe ”I said as I was about to finish the last dish for Percy and Annabeth.

e are you going ”She asked as she grabbed a plate of breakfast.

”Well I have to help my brother and his future girlfriend but I came so you guys don have to worry oh and the only person that should be able to come in is you, your sister,hestia and my family. ”I said as I sat down next to her.

”How did you sleep babe ”I asked I started eating my food.

”Honestly a little weird its the first time I slept so peacefully, ”Shinobu said, ”At first I didn believe you that this world would be peaceful and it was to my surprise that it was. ”

”Yeah its peaceful right now but in like 4 years theres going to be a war but its going to a bit easy because Im probably to overpowered to be in this world, ” I said.

”Why would there be another war didn you say it was peaceful ” Shinobu said as looked into my eyes.

” It is but theres a guy that wants to kill gods in this world although we
e going to stop him it would be better to solve it as soon as possible you know.Anyways its time I start to head towards my brother and his girlfriend. ”I said as I got up.

When I got up I walked towards Shinobu and gave her a kiss and hugged her before I picked up the plates that I made for Percy and Annabeth and put it into my inventory and teleported back to them.

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